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Ready, set, go!

28.06.2014 // kl.09:39 // 01.Blog // No comments

Here we go. I'm so excited! I dont know how the internet connection will be in Addis, but I'll try to keep you updated.Have a nice summer, everyone!What are your plans for the upcoming weeks?#ferie #reise #etiopia #addisabeba #veronikaroth

Le Carrousel du Louvre

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Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photomatix and Photoshop #foto #hdr #louvre #paris #veronikaroth

Last night

24.06.2014 // kl.15:59 // 01.Blog // 2 comments

Shalom! Yesterday was a fun night. We had dinner and a pre party at Martine's, with great food, lovely girls, good music, a cute piñata, and much fun. Afterwards we went to The Scotsman (because everything else was closed yesterday.. Stupid..), and made the place really lively and fun. It was a really random, but awesome night.Afterwards did some of the girls go back to Martine's and had a litt...

The pigeon lady

21.06.2014 // kl.15:47 // 13.Photographs - Paris // 2 comments

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photoshop og Photomatix

Le Carrousel du Louvre

19.06.2014 // kl.16:31 // 13.Photographs - Paris // No comments

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photomatix and Photoshop #foto #hdr #louvre #paris #veronikaroth

Can't wait to see what the future holds!

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It sure is sad that my Parisian adventure is over. I've had such a good time there. I've loved it! I've met so many interesting people, made lots of good friends who I'll stay in touch with for the rest of my life, I've seen so much, attended to huge amounts of all kinds of different events, and last but not least: I've grown. It's hard to describe, but this trip has changed me a lot. All in a ...

My last days in Paris

17.06.2014 // kl.13:59 // 02.Blog - Paris // No comments

Hi, sweeties! At the moment I'm lying in my big, soft bed in my own room back in Oslo, Norway. It's with tears in my eyes I write this post. It felt unreal waking up in my own bed. These three months has passed so incredibly fast. One moment I'm living in Paris, and another moment I'm back home. It's surreal. Right now it's just sad.. Anyways, my last days in Paris were amazing. One ...

My last Friday in Paris

13.06.2014 // kl.14:40 // 02.Blog - Paris // 5 comments

Bonjour, mes amis! I'm again well placed in my favorite café with my favorite salad, a good natural ice tea and a pain au chocolat. I love my Friday rituals! But it's kinda sad sitting here today actually, knowing that it is my last Friday here in a long time, and probably my last day with this well practiced ritual.. Miip.. But, I love it here so I have to try to forget about the fact that I'm...

Rue Crémieux

12.06.2014 // kl.14:51 // 13.Photographs - Paris // 1 comment

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photoshop A couple of days ago did I walk through this incredibly cute street in the 12th arronedissement. This is a short street filled with cute painted houses. I pictured myself living in one of theses adventury houses, as I saw all the families eating their dinner in the middle of the street. They just moved their chairs and tables out i...

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.

11.06.2014 // kl.13:04 // 15.Photographs - Self-portraits // 6 comments

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop #foto #selvportrett #resultater #paris #veronikaroth

Yesterday's lightening

10.06.2014 // kl.15:15 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

Bonjour, mes amis! Or, the day isn't that "bon" actually.. I'm lying sick in my bed.. But I'm watching The Voice while I'm listening to the pouring rain outside - It's actually kinda cozy if I try to forget the part that I'm sick.. Anyways, yesterday evening the storm came back up. And this time I had to go outside and try to capture some of the amazing lightenings. It didn't turn out as good a...


09.06.2014 // kl.13:46 // 02.Blog - Paris // No comments

Hi guys! Yesterday was a lovely day! I went to the jazz festival in Parc Floral in Vincennes, with Suyin's flatmate, Guillame, to listen to Didier Lockwood playing the violin (and Thierry Eliez [piano], André Ceccarelli [drums] and David Encho [trumpet]). It was a great concert, in a great parc. And the weather was amazing! It was 30 degrees in the shade.. Yes, that was too hot at some points.....

New design

08.06.2014 // kl.20:23 // 02.Blog - Paris // 10 comments

Hi sweeties! Yesterday I woke up so late, that I just stayed inside a couple of more hours. After taking a long shower, cleaning my apartment, and editing a couple of photographs, I started to play around with my blog design. And I felt that it was time for deleting that old, boring, grey design of mine, and make it a bit more brighter and summerly. And so I did. Here's my old design: A...

What's up with your eyebrows?

07.06.2014 // kl.17:16 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

Yeah, I've got that question a lot lately. And I do understand why.. My eyebrows look horrible at the time. I've decided to let them grow, using the Talika Eyebrow Lipocils, so I can reform them and make them fuller/thicker. After years of different (horrible) eyebrow styles, and my crazy use of the tweezer, they have become very thin.. And the fact that I've had to draw on top of the already v...

Les Petits Carrousels du Louvre

05.06.2014 // kl.21:06 // 13.Photographs - Paris // 7 comments

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photomatix and Photoshop #foto #hdr #louvre #paris #veronikaroth

Sushi Planet in Rue Montorgueil

04.06.2014 // kl.19:26 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

I don't remember if I told you, but a couple of weeks ago did Henriette decide to come visit me one more time. My sweet bestfriend. She arrived yesterday, and she had a pretty hectic start this time, poor thing. She took the wrong bus from the airport, so she ended up in the south of this big city. And she didn't get to charge her phone on the airport either, so she couldn't contact me. We met ...

Le Carrousel du Louvre

03.06.2014 // kl.13:16 // 13.Photographs - Paris // 2 comments

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photomatix and Photoshop #foto #hdr #louvre #paris #veronikaroth

Workout & home spa

02.06.2014 // kl.18:45 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop Bonsoir, mes chéries! I hope you all had a great start to the new week. I know I did. This morning I woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, and jumped into my workout clothes. I took a two hour long walk along the Seine. It was really nice! And when I got back to my apartment, I flattened out my blanket on the floor, played some relaxatio...

Summer's here!

01.06.2014 // kl.16:03 // 02.Blog - Paris // 8 comments

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop Are you ready? #sommer #blomster #ferie #reise #kjærlighet #veronikaroth

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