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I was in Vietnam during Christmas break and over New Years 2015/2016. My better half got me a GoPro Camera for Christmas right before we left, which resulted in me making my first ever GoPro-Vacation-Movie. There's a first for everything.. I know it could've been better in many ways, for instance the fact that I should've bought a stick sooner instead of using the head strap and chest mount all the time - The shots unfortunately got very shaky... But you do nothing but learn from mistakes, so next time I know what to do different. It's all small steps towards a better result. But it's a start.. And I'm actually pretty satisfied with how it turned out, considered it's my first one. I hope you guys'll enjoy it!

"Life is too short to not enjoy it - Travel the world, hold hands, have fun, make love, get a tan, watch sunsets, share kisses, eat fresh fruit, smell flowers, go for hikes, swim, smile, laugh!"✈️🌎🍍🌴☀️❤️

We had a great trip to Vietnam this winter! We went half-backpacking from the North to the South - through Hanoi, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, Mui Ne and Ho Chi Minh City. And I say "half-backpacking" because the only thing that reminded me of backpacking was the fact that we had backpacks on our backs. Other than that we had a pretty comfortable trip - Great hotels and resorts, nice rooms and suites (except half a night at Ali Baba Hotel in Hanoi, don't go there..), airplanes instead of sleeping busses, sweet food and fruits, nice beaches.. To sum up, I had an amazing trip! And to share it with my favorite person in the entire world, ah, I'm a lucky girl!

The movie shows our trip chronologically, from a to b, from North to South, from Hanoi to Saigon. Enjoy!

GoPro Hero 3
Music by La Belle Musique - La Belle Mixtape | Summer Memories | Henri Pfr

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For en flott tur! Gleder oss masse til Asia neste r! Flg gjerne bloggen for reise-oppdateringer! :)

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