First week in Ethiopia

07.07.2014 // kl.16:38 // 01.Blog // 2 comments

Hello Norway! Long time no see.. The last week has been crazy. A lot of impressions, both sad and great, and a lot of new things and getting used to actually being here. Addis Ababa is a great city, but extremely different from what we are used to. It's like traveling twenty years back in time! There's no real roads (all muddy and bumpy), a lot of broken and small houses (don't know if we even can call them "houses"..), people are living in the streets everywhere, the first city train is being built right now, and the Chinese people are in charge of the infrastructure which also means that there's really hard getting a good phone and internet connection, or even any connection at all. This is the first time in a week I've been on the internet. And now we are living in a luxury hotel in Hawasa, for a week's "vacation". But despite the fact that this country has a lot of lacks and a lot of poorness, is this vacation amazing! It's great to be able to see what I've been urging for my entire life, and I could never have imagined how it's really like. The people are amazing. They're so down to earth, lively, talkative. I love people's mentality here. And the food! Wow! I've been longing for injera and Ethiopian spices for a really long time now. We're eating Ethiopian for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, either at restaurants or at friends and family's places. I'm literary in heaven. And yes, last but not least, it's been great to finally meet and get to know family and friends! We've been visiting so many people, I don't even know everybody, but it's been great. And of course my closest family here: My uncle, aunt and two cousins. We've been hanging out with them almost every day, and they're actually with us here in Hawasa. We're gonna have a great time here, and also enjoy the last week back in Addis. They're great! Can't believe it took us so long to meet them.. But now we're finally here, and we love it!

Here are some iPhone photos from my hotel room and the last week:

How are things back in Norway? How's the weather?

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Elisabeth Roth Andresen

08.07.2014 kl.18:55

Dette var hyggelig lese, Veronika! Godt hre at dere trives og har det hyggelig og gy med familie og venner, til tross for nden dere ser. S flokk at kusinebarna kunne vre med dere til Hawasa. Hils alle sammen!


26.08.2014 kl.18:41

s spennende!

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