My last days in Paris

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Hi, sweeties! At the moment I'm lying in my big, soft bed in my own room back in Oslo, Norway. It's with tears in my eyes I write this post. It felt unreal waking up in my own bed. These three months has passed so incredibly fast. One moment I'm living in Paris, and another moment I'm back home. It's surreal. Right now it's just sad..

Anyways, my last days in Paris were amazing. One of the best weekends in a long time (I've got the feeling that I say that every Monday..ha). I had two "going-away" gatherings with my lovely friends, and ended the weekend and my trip by watching the World Cup match between France and Honduras with good friends in a very cool place. Here are some pictures from my last days (iPhone):

Saturday: Olivier, me, Suyin and Doreen having a picninc in Parc Floral de Vincennes during the Paris Jazz festival.

Sunday: The Paris Jazz festival.

Sunday: Kevin and Arthur. Having another picninc in Parc Floral de Vincennes during the Paris Jazz festival.

Me and Arthur.

Sunday: Comptoir Gnral. An amazing alternative bar and foundation. We had drinks here and watched the match.

Me an Arthur.

Amazing mood in front of the big screen. Allez les bleus! Viva la France! Loved it.

So despite the fact that it was sad that I was gonna leave, I had a really, really good last weekend! And Guillame and Suyin drove me to the airport, and were with me to the very end of my trip. My sweet friends! We had a finishing cake and coffee at Patisserie Paul. Ah, I'm gonna miss Paris so badly.. Pars, je t'aime!

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