My last Friday in Paris

13.06.2014 // kl.14:40 // 02.Blog - Paris // 5 comments

Bonjour, mes amis! I'm again well placed in my favorite caf with my favorite salad, a good natural ice tea and a pain au chocolat. I love my Friday rituals! But it's kinda sad sitting here today actually, knowing that it is my last Friday here in a long time, and probably my last day with this well practiced ritual.. Miip.. But, I love it here so I have to try to forget about the fact that I'm leaving soon, and try to enjoy my favorite caf one last time. Later today I'm going out to watch the World Cup match (Spain-Netherlands) with some friends. And this weekend is packed with plans with my lovely "Parisian friends". I'm having two "going away gatherings", and I'm gonna hang a lot out with Suyin who came back from her holiday yesterday. Ah, this weekend is gonna be so good!

I'm going international by the way, haha. My face has been showing up on norwegian television frequently lately and now am I soon to be seen on French tv as well. Haha. I was just interviewed to a French report about caf EXKi. Funny. Sad I won't be able to see that myself.. Oh, I hate that I'm leaving Paris..

I got some kind if "last supper" feeling now, haha. Anyways, I'm gonna enjoy my lovely food and the great weather now. It's once again sunny and around 30 degrees in this lovely city. I'm maybe going to "Paris Plage" after my lunch as well. Or not "Paris Plage" that one isn't set up before mid July, but there's another one who is pretty much the same. Anyways, have a great day everyone!

What's your plans for today?

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Liv Solveig

13.06.2014 kl.14:41

nsker du deg en ny header? jeg kan godt lage en! etter du har lest det nederste innlegget under kategorien "gratis header" p bloggen min, vet du hva du skal gjre ;-)

Anja Karoline

15.06.2014 kl.09:45

s herlig, gleder meg s s masse til dra tilbake til paris om noen dager!

Leila Elise :D

15.06.2014 kl.10:41

skal de lage en strand i Paris????

Veronika Roth

15.06.2014 kl.12:19

Leila Elise :D: Ja, hver sommer setter de opp en "falsk strand" midt i Paris. De henter inn tonnevis av ekte Normandie-sand, og plasserer et flytende basseng i Seine-elva. En ekte bustad, haha:)

Veronika Roth

15.06.2014 kl.12:22

Leila Elise :D: Jeg prvde skrive bystrand, ikke bustad.. Autocorrect p mobilen er ikke helt min venn idag:P

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