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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Aloha, mis amigos! I bought this summer top two days ago, and I really love it! I've actually been dreaming a lot about Hawaii, summer and the sweet islandic life lately. It's probably because I've been a lot with this person who actually lives there. Jealous! And the fact that I'm listening a lot to Manu Chao and Martin Jondo, is probably not helping my brain focusing on something else, ha. When I listen to these artists I really get the feeling of lying in a hammock under a palm tree with a coconut drink in my hand. Feel good songs! I really want to go to one of Hawaii's beautiful islands. Badly..

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

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Hayley summer

30.05.2014 kl.19:55

Fin singlet, nei men skal ditt i 2017 nr jeg skal reise som backpacker

Veronika Roth

30.05.2014 kl.20:15

Hayley summer: Takk! Heldig du er! Skal nok komme meg dit selv veldig snart ogs:):)

Veronica S

30.05.2014 kl.20:55

Never been to Hawaii but seriously a place I would LOVE to visit

Veronika Roth

30.05.2014 kl.20:56

Veronica S: Same here!

Anja Karoline

31.05.2014 kl.01:24

hh jeg elsker toppen!

Veronika Roth

31.05.2014 kl.13:42

Anja Karoline: Jeg og! hihi:):)

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