Green morning!

29.05.2014 // kl.13:36 // 02.Blog - Paris // 4 comments

Good morning, sweeties! This day has started perfectly, with a really good and healthy breakfast. One positive thing about not having any visitors here, is that I get my routines back. I have a bit more normal circadian rhythm, I eat healthier and I drink a lot more of my detox tea. Hihi. I love it. The most used topping on my Wasa Knekkebrd now days are: hoummous, red pesto, pastrami, salami, lettuce, cucumber, leek, red onion, avocado and cherry tomatoes. And I also eat a lot of carrots (wich also is very good dipped in hoummous), and drink a lot of juice and green detox tea.

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Do you have a healthy morning/eating routine?

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29.05.2014 kl.13:40

Gud s deilig det ser ut <33

Veronika Roth

29.05.2014 kl.16:52

prinsessen: Var superdigg! :):) hihi


29.05.2014 kl.19:12

S sykt godt ut, jeg klarer tom overse salamin (veggis).. Fine bilder ogs, helt proft.

Veronika Roth

29.05.2014 kl.19:41

Helly: Var veldig digg! , jada, er nok minst like godt uten! Bare ta litt ekstra hummus eller pesto, det! Hihi. , tusen takk, ste deg!

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