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Hi guys! The last couple of days has been crazy. Have had such a good time. This Wednesday did Suyin and I go to Le Batostar close to Pont Marie to listen to our friends Chantal and Jennifer sing with their choir. It turned out to be a great evening with a lot of music, lovely people and great mood. I loved it! And I made a "little" movie to catch the good mood. Enjoy!

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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop and Photomatix

I met a nice group of people that evening as well, mixed French and American, including Woody Harrelson, haha, so I continued the evening in different places in central Paris along with them. A really cool night! So much randomness happens here in Paris! You have no idea! Can't even describe how the night went on.. haha

Yesterday did Woody and I take a bike ride along the Seine in the nice weather. The weather changes so fast here! It's crazy! It was pouring rain just two days ago, and now the sun is shining for full again. Anyways, later in the evening I met up with Suyin and we went to a vernissage (an opening of a photo exhibition) by Jose Ramón Bas, at Gallerie VU. It was really cool. You can read more about the exhibition HERE. And later again we went to KFÉ Snax, to a language exchange event. It was really cool! Got to meet new interesting people and practice French. It's been so much fun. And it will become even more amusing! Earlier today did I meet up with the photographer who's gonna arrange my first modelling job here. And now, pretty soon, is my Norwegian friend, Ingrid, arriving. And tomorrow is Norway's nathional day, so we're going to Le Vésinet to celebrate it amongst with other Norwegian people in Paris. Paris is fantastic!♥

How has your week been, sweeties?

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16.05.2014 kl.21:51

You're so lucky who get to live in Paris! Are you Norwegian or?

Veronika Roth

16.05.2014 kl.22:37

Ingrid: Jeg vet, er superheldig! Jepp, jeg er norsk! :):)

Elisabeth Roth Andresen

16.05.2014 kl.23:22

Herlig, Veronika!! Heldiggris!!

Veronika Roth

17.05.2014 kl.00:40

Elisabeth Roth Andresen: :):)


17.05.2014 kl.03:35

Åja, wihuuu! Jeg bor i USA, men har sååå lyst til å reise til Paris!

Veronika Roth

17.05.2014 kl.08:25

Ingrid: Aha, så kult! Ah, ja, det burde du! :):)


17.05.2014 kl.12:19

hvordan skal du feire nasjonaldagen ? :D hihi..

Janne, kommenterer tilbake

17.05.2014 kl.13:09

Herlige bilder :)

Veronika Roth

17.05.2014 kl.18:38

Karina: Som jeg nevnte i innlegget, dro vi til et sted i Pars som heter Le Vésinet, hvor Sjømannskirken, ambassaden og den Norske Klubben i Paris arrangerte barnetog, leker og pølser og brus. Var kjempekoselig! Videre skal vi ut å kose os med venner i kveld:):) Ha en fin feiring!

Veronika Roth

17.05.2014 kl.18:38

Janne, kommenterer tilbake: Tusen takk! :)

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