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How are the boys/men in Paris? (handsome, accomodating, nice, etc)

South European boys in general are known for being more accommodating and direct, and that's actually not always a good thing.. There are a lot of crazy men here! But of course there are some normal, very nice ones as well. I've got to know a couple of both types..

Does Paris stand to all the expectations you had before you got there?

Indeed! It's maybe even better than what i expected. I really don't want to leave..

Where did you find your apartment?

www.9flats.com. I think it primarily is for vacations or shorter stays, but some apartments/studios are available for longer periods.

Did you get in touch with a boy who you wanted to get to know more?

I've got a boyfriend back home in Norway, so I haven't exactly been looking for something like that.

Are you aware of that you're on Norwegian TV? A commercial.

Yes, I'm totally aware of it, haha. A month ago I participated in this "video selfie" competition with my Norwegian phone service (Talkmore), and I actually won. So now they're using a small part of my "video selfie" in a commercial on TV back home in Norway. It's funny because people back home tell me that they've seen me on TV all the time, while I'm here in Paris and probably never will get the chance to see it myself. If I'm lucky maybe they still send it when I'm home in July/August. Anyways, it's funny that I actually won!

What do you think about the journey back home? Have you found out what to do next? Do you put Paris and France on a break for a periodd, or are you planning to go back and live there? I love your blog, I'm planning to go to France myself, as an au pair in Nice I think.

I'm going home in the middle of june. When I'm home am I first going to spend a month in Africa with my entire family, and afterwards is hopefully my student life on uni starting. I don't get to know what courses I've gotten in to before july. But, yes, Paris and France is on hold for a periode. Unfortunately. I'm going to miss it very much. I already feel it.. But, I bet I end up going back here some other time, to do something. I really love it here! Thanks, sweetie! Ah, that's great! Do it! It's a fantastic opportunity!

Do you work out when you're in Paris? Have you joined a gym, do you run in the park or do you walk a lot?

I've been walking a lot of long walks, and I do some easy core exercise home in my apartment. In adition to a couple of yoga- and self defence classes ocasionally. But, no, I haven't actually signed into a gym.. I miss it a bit.. But I don't have that much time left here, so it's no point of doing it anymore.

Are you into clean eating and execising?

Yes, I'm pretty into healthy food and execising, but I have to say that I have put it a bit on hold while I've been here. I still eat relatively healthy, but it's hard to stay away from the fantastic, sweet, French bakery.. But i work out, so I don't think there will a be a problem.

Could you make a post where you show us how you edit your pictures? Something that's not too complicated. For example how you edited the pictures in this post.

What a cool question! I'll see what I can do.

Is it easy to get to know people in Paris?

Uhm, it depends. Paris is known for being a city where it's hard to get to know people in a deeper level. But if you know the right places (and some of the right people), then it shouldn't be a problem. But you have to really be out there and try hard, or else you could find it diffucult.. I've actually been thinking about writing a post about this exact topic, keep visiting the blog for a deeper answer.

When you're talking to people do you speak French or English, or both?

It depends. When I'm with my closest friends is it mostly English, considering the fact that they're "trangers" as well. We're in such different levels, and everybody isn't that comfortable speaking French. But when I'm with others (for example people from my french "course"), and when I'm talking with randoms and French people, I speak French. That's why I'm here, to practice and improve my French. So I actually get to practice two languages I noramlly don't use, which is a very good thing.

Do you read any blogs from Paris/France?

I like these: www.misspandora.fr, www.paulinedarley.com and www.hjartesmil.com (the latter is a Norwegian girl who now lives in London, but she has many good posts from when she used to live in Paris). Hope you like some of these:)

Oh, I'm also going to Paris after high school, but I dont know what to do there yet. Where did you fin your apartment? Are you planning to move to Paris or another city in France later?

That's a great idea! Find something to do, and just go for it! It's absolutely worth it! If you're not sure what to do, you could go as an au-pair. That's a really nice and easy way to do it. Then you can combine visiting the city itself, with practicing the language and get to know different people. If you don't choose to be an au-pair, I at least reccomend you to find SOMETHING to do. You can, and will most likely, eventually find it kinda lonely when you're alone in such a big city, no matter how happy you are in your own company..

I found my apartment/studio on www.9flats.com. This is an international web page where people rent out their appartment/studio, or a part of the apartment (a room), for a very good price. Paris in general is a very expencive city, so you have to expect to pay at least 500 euros a month. Otherwise are there a lot of youth hostels, etc., depending on how long you plan to be here.

I don't know if I'm going to move to Paris permanently when I get older, but I do, as I mentioned earlier, have a big crush on this city. So I'm defenetely going to try to find my own apartment here eventually, so I can travel here as often as I can.

You're really lucky! I want to go live in Paris for a short periode as well, but I'm not sure what to do there. What do you think of the city so far? Is it to reccomend?

I absolutely reccomend you to do that! But, yes, I think it is very important to find something to do here. The first couple of weeks it's lovely to wander around and just inhale this beautiful city, but in the long run it's going to be "boring" and lonely.. Find a language course, a french cuisine class, be au-pair, etc. I love this city! But I remember that it started to feel kinda lonely and sad in the start when I didn't know anyone here.. It gets lonely in such a big city.. So, find activities that make you interact with other people. That's the key!

I found my apartment/studio on www.9flats.com. There are several web pages like that if you search on google.

What products did you use here?

Most of the products are from Gosh, except the eyeliner (Maybelline New York).

What's a typical day in Paris? (from waking up to going to bed)

I think this question is impossible to answer.. No days look the same. I wake up around 09, then I usually have some kind of appointment with someone (could be anything, caf meetings, meetups, shopping, walking, visiting museums, picinc in different parks, etc.), and the evenings are never the same. Sometimes there are vernissages (openings of some kind of exhibit), sometimes there are different events, meetups, party's, concerts, etc. It's really hard to explain a regular day. There are no regular days here, haha. Of course I have some days I just spend the entire day in bed watching series and movies as well.. I try not to do that too often, but I get tired here as well.. haha. There are many late nights who actually exhaustes you in the long run. Anyways, there are no days that look the same. That's the cool thing about being here.

How are the prices in paris? Is it less expencive than in Norway, or more or less the same?

Paris is known for being an expencive city, and it is. But for me, coming from Norway with a Norwegian salary, it's been kind of cheap. The prices here are more or less the same, but most things are probably a bit cheaper here. That's when you figure you come from an extremely expencive country.. When Paris is cheap.. But an important detail: The prices in Paris are very varying! There are differences from arrondissement to arrondissement, on everything from rental prices to the food in the grocery stores..

Do you reccomend to go up in the Montparnasse building?

Absolutely! The view from the Eiffel tower is amazing, but if you go to the Montparnasse building, you get a beautiful view including the Eiffel Tower. It's sad, but you can actually not se the Eiffel Tower from the Eiffel Tower.. So, yes, I absolutely reccomend that. It's beautiful.

What's the best about Paris?

Everything! Wow, that's a hard question. I don't know. The fact that it is so much bigger than where I'm from. It's always happening something (vernissages, exhibitions, party's, etc). It's less expencive. I'm adventurous and this city is a big adventure itself. It's a great city for photographers. I don't know. I love everything about this city.

How long are you going to live there?

This is my last month (miip:(), I'm going home in about two weeks (june 16th). I'm gonna miss this so incredibly insanly horribly much. Buu


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Lady Johanna

31.05.2014 kl.23:13

gode svar og fine bilder :)

Veronika Roth

01.06.2014 kl.16:12

Lady Johanna: Takktakk!

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