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Hi, sweeties! Yesterday was a beautiful day. After I finished my lovely macaron breakfast, I met up with Syuin. We took a walk along the Seine, and ended up in one of the coziest area's I've been in a long time. There were theese tiny streets, and tall, tight and skinny buildings, and a lot of cozy restaurants and stores. I'm definitely going back here for some tea, coffee, scones, macarons, pain au chocolat, croissant, or anything. I just want to sit down in one of the cozy cafés and enjoy the picturesque area.

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photoshop

After this long walk who eventually ended up back in my apartment, we had to take the metro to Correntin-Celton, to the dinner we were invited to. I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures from the rest of the evening, btw.. But the evening was really good. Pierre had prepared a nice dinner with chips/prezels as apéritif, escargots as a starter and lasagne as main dish. And of course there were a couple of glasses with Bourdaux wine before, during and after the meal, and a ending glass of French Whiskey before we left. It was a really cool night!

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Annabell kvarme Sagevik

08.05.2014 kl.12:30

så koselig, veldig fine bilder!

Veronika Roth

08.05.2014 kl.13:33

Annabell kvarme Sagevik: Mm, det var veldig koselig:):) Takk!

Mia Elise

08.05.2014 kl.14:29

koseliiig, dro dere ut på nattclub? :D

Veronika Roth

08.05.2014 kl.17:53

Mia Elise: Nei, det gjorde vi ikke, gitt.. De fleste skulle opp tidlig og på jobb dagen etter.. Men hvis du er nysgjerrig på hvordan nattklubber og nattelivet er her, så er det noe heelt annet enn i Norge! Veldig kult, men også ganske slitsomt fordi det gjerne varer mye lenger. Hehe:):)

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