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02.05.2014 // kl.15:27 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

This week has been amazing! Caroline arrived in Paris Monday evening, and it has just been a great week since. On Monday night we ate out, and later we met a couple of guys who we took some drinks with and hang out with until past midnight. It was a really nice start of a nice week. On Tuesday we had to go see the Eiffel tower (again) and do some touristic things. It's nice showing my friends around in my new city. We also went to to l'Arc de Triomphe, and Champs-lyses where we did some shopping. Wednesday was my birthday, and the weather changed from rainy and unstable, to sunny and warm: Thank you God for this nice birthday gift. Hehee. So we walked around in the nice weather, had a nice birthday lunch, did some shopping, and last but not least: I took my eagerly awaited tattoo. So cool to finally have done it! I love it! The day ended with some partying at Wanderlust. It was a lovely birthday. On Thursday we met up with our Norwegian friend, Idunn, and her boyfriend who arrived on Wednesday to stay over the weekend. We walked around in Montmartre, saw Sacr-Coeur, and had a nice dinner at the end of the day. The rest of the night we stayed inside because of the weather and because we actually were really really tired.. And Caroline had to pack, because she had to leave 6am this morning.. Anyways, despite the bad weather, this week has been great!

So, now I'm by myself again. Ready to continue my beautiful adventure here in my beautiful new home city.

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02.05.2014 kl.16:33

Takk for en fantastisk uke, Veronika <3 Hper du koser deg masse videre!!

Veronika Roth

02.05.2014 kl.17:38

CAROLINE MARIA</h: Takk, selv! Har vrt utrolig koselig<3 Skal prve s godt jeg kan! hihi, glad i deg snupp

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