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29.04.2014 // kl.11:52 // 02.Blog - Paris // 6 comments

As I promised, here are the birthday gifts from my lovely brother. It's crazy! He's the best! Just imagine the smile on my face when I got this.. One word, it was a big one! haha. A new pair of Converse and this beautiful Marc By Marc Jacobs watch.

I've been drooling over this watch for months now, it's so beautiful! I love it! And i love you, big bro♥ thanks!

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Van L

29.04.2014 kl.17:10

Lucky you!

Veronika Roth

29.04.2014 kl.18:00

Cat Lam: I knoow!!<3

Elisabeth Roth Andresen

30.04.2014 kl.08:11

Gratulerer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


30.04.2014 kl.17:15

happy birthday! did you know that your name is exactly the same as the writer of the book divergent? <3

Veronika Roth

30.04.2014 kl.19:17

Elisabeth Roth Andresen: Takktakk!

Veronika Roth

30.04.2014 kl.19:17

Julia: Thank you!:):) Yeah, I know, and people comment it all the time:P hehe

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