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I no longer live in the chic, calm and expencive 17th anymore.. It's kinda sad, actually. I had just gotten used to the area (and my beautiful rooftop view...).. But it's nice to switch place as well, I get to see more of Paris on a deeper level this way.. I now live in one of the hippest streets in central Paris: Rue Montmartre. It's close to Chatelet and Les Halles, so it's really central. And definetely more lively. A better place for young people. It's a street filled with cafs, bars, fruit markets, supermarkets, clothing shops and all kinds of other shops, and is also from now on my new home street. I love it here! And it's also more suitable for a young person like me, considering my low budget: I pay half the price here as I did back in the 17th! For the same size. The apartment (or studio) is a typical Parisian studio with little space and weird solutions. But it's cosy! I kinda like it this way: With my 14m2 and the kitchenette well placed in the middle of the stairs. It's Parisian! Hihi. I'll probably show you some pictures from the area and the apartment later, now I have to catch the metro to get to an Ethiopian restaurant (Le Lac Tana) in the 15th arrondissement, to meet up with my Parisian Habesha friends. The Injera is really calling my name now! Ethiopian food is going to taste heavenly right now!

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