Parc de Bercy

20.04.2014 // kl.13:10 // 02.Blog - Paris // 1 comment

I know I write a lot about the parks here in Paris, but, seriously, that's one of the nicest things of being here! There are so many beautiful parks and jardins (gardens) here. I fall in love with a new one every day. The girls and I were having a picninc in Parc de Bercy after the street food festival at Wanderlust. We had the picninc in the lively part of the park, where there were people playing volleyball and fotball and kids playing around the carousel. But we took a walk in the garden part of the park, Jardin Yitzhak-Rabin. It was beautiful there. And even though gare de Lyon isn't excactly known for being a nice area, the area around this park was really nice! We'll probably come back here.

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

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Mia Elise

21.04.2014 kl.11:53

kan du ta bilde av pske stemningen i Paris ? :D

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