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I totally forgot to tell you about the Krav Maga initiation class I went to on Saturday! It was really cool! As I told you earlier, I haven't tried any other self defence classes, but I absolutely think Krav Maga is something for me. What is Krav Maga, you ask? Well, It's actually the hand to hand combat system of the Israeli Military. Its simple, straight forward method and realistic approach make Krav Maga a great choice for anyone wanting practical self protection skills. "Krav Maga is an extraordinary self protection system from Israel. Krav Maga was designed to enable ordinary men and women to protect themselves in the shortest time possible. It is not a martial art; it is a fighting system focused on protecting yourself or the people you love. Seventy years of traning, field use and evolution have resulted in a methodology that's simple, intuitive and highly effective." (source). If you're interested in self defence, but don't quite know what kind to choose, I'll suggest this! It's easy to learn, it's actually a good workout, and it's fun. My coach was really talented, enthusiastic and had a very good mood who easily got over to us. I'll definitely take some more classes. I really liked it! And in a city like this it could (hope not) come in handy.

Have you ever taken any self defence classes? Tried Krav Maga?

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