Le Centre Pompidou

07.04.2014 // kl.18:02 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

Hey, sweethearts♥ Have you ever been to Le Centre Pompidou? I was there yesterday, and it was such an expirience. This is a huge museum in the middle of central Paris. The first Sunday every month are several museums in Paris open for everyone. And when something is free, it gets crowdy.. If you don't like crowdy, go to Pompidou! This is a huge museum and I didn't wait in line at any time. While I heard from a couple of other friends who were visiting other museums, that there were about an hour wait just to get in to the museum.. Anyways, there are so much beautiful art at Pompidou! I had such a good time. I only got to see the permanent exhibitions, not the external ones. So I'll go back soon to see Henri Cartier-Bresson's temporary photo exhibition at Pompidou. I've heard a lot about it, and can't wait to go back to see it!

Have you ever been to Le Centre Pompidou?

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Elisabeth Roth Andresen

08.04.2014 kl.17:23

Ser veldig spennende ut. Dit m jeg en gang. Tusen takk!

Veronika Roth

08.04.2014 kl.17:47

Elisabeth Roth Andresen: Er veldig fint der! Ja, anbefales! :))

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