Multicultural evening at the Peacock Palace

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Good afternoon, you all! Yesterday evening I was at "the Peacock Palace" at Aux Ecuries du Roy, at a multicultural exhibition kind of thing. Aux Ecuries du Roy is a very cool restaurant/bar with a medieval theme; Walls made of stone and beams of wood. Really cool! Anyways, the evening program was filled up with comedy sketches, experimental music, music clips & video art, and african music and dance. I have to say that I prefered the latter two. If you're interested in video (short films) and/or photo you should really check out Flix Brassier! He had some awesome short films where he had been playing with reflections, propotions, cutting, editing and music. It was really cool! I especially liked the one where he had been playing with reflections ("Mirror"). You should check it out!

And last but not least we had the African music and dance part. There's alway a good mood when Africans bring out their drums and good energy. There were a couple of guys with a lot of different drums and some other instruments, who played really moody African music. And eventually they brought out their dancing ladies as well. They weren't African, actually, but I guess they were from an African dance class here in Paris or something. It was really nice anyways. And eventually everone started dancing. It was fun. I found myself standing in the middle of the "dance battle" ring at one point.. Wow. ha

Just a little video to give you a hint about the good mood.

It was a really nice evening! Got to talk to some nice people as well. Love Paris! I got everything here.

Did you do something fun last night?

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