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Can't wait to see what the future holds!

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It sure is sad that my Parisian adventure is over. I've had such a good time there. I've loved it! I've met so many interesting people, made lots of good friends who I'll stay in touch with for the rest of my life, I've seen so much, attended to huge amounts of all kinds of different events, and last but not least: I've grown. It's hard to describe, but this trip has changed me a lot. All in a positive way. I've become more extrovert, more secure and I've learned a lot about myself. It's really personal, and hard to describe, but I really noticed this for the first time when my close friend came to visit me. We had lots of deep conversations about everything you could ever imagine, and we both noticed how different I've become. A really good feeling. It's a bit personal actually, because I've had trouble knowing exactly where I stand earlier, in relation to both others and myself. But this is definetely a big step in the right direction. It feels so good. Paris has been so good for me. And it's gonna be incredibly sad that it's over..

But, on the other hand, I have a big adventure in front of me as well. My life is really starting now. First up there's the family trip to Ethiopa in the end of June: I can't wait! It's my first time visiting the African part of mye origin. And I'm gonna meet some relatives for the first time. It's gonna be an amazing and memorable trip! And when I'm back home in Norway after this trip, do I get to know which of the uni courses that I've applied to, I've gotten into. It's so exciting! I'm so curious! You guys have no idea how excited I am for everything the future holds. As I mentioned earlier: My life is really starting now!

So, despite the fact that I'm sad because I've left Paris, I'm very very excited and curious of what the future holds. 2014 has, and wil continue to be, such a good year! I am so excited. My life is starting to get together, and my future is looking really bright! Wow, what a positive post! I'm in susch a happy place right now!


My last days in Paris

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Hi, sweeties! At the moment I'm lying in my big, soft bed in my own room back in Oslo, Norway. It's with tears in my eyes I write this post. It felt unreal waking up in my own bed. These three months has passed so incredibly fast. One moment I'm living in Paris, and another moment I'm back home. It's surreal. Right now it's just sad..

Anyways, my last days in Paris were amazing. One of the best weekends in a long time (I've got the feeling that I say that every Monday..ha). I had two "going-away" gatherings with my lovely friends, and ended the weekend and my trip by watching the World Cup match between France and Honduras with good friends in a very cool place. Here are some pictures from my last days (iPhone):

Saturday: Olivier, me, Suyin and Doreen having a picninc in Parc Floral de Vincennes during the Paris Jazz festival.

Sunday: The Paris Jazz festival.

Sunday: Kevin and Arthur. Having another picninc in Parc Floral de Vincennes during the Paris Jazz festival.

Me and Arthur.

Sunday: Comptoir Gnral. An amazing alternative bar and foundation. We had drinks here and watched the match.

Me an Arthur.

Amazing mood in front of the big screen. Allez les bleus! Viva la France! Loved it.

So despite the fact that it was sad that I was gonna leave, I had a really, really good last weekend! And Guillame and Suyin drove me to the airport, and were with me to the very end of my trip. My sweet friends! We had a finishing cake and coffee at Patisserie Paul. Ah, I'm gonna miss Paris so badly.. Pars, je t'aime!

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My last Friday in Paris

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Bonjour, mes amis! I'm again well placed in my favorite caf with my favorite salad, a good natural ice tea and a pain au chocolat. I love my Friday rituals! But it's kinda sad sitting here today actually, knowing that it is my last Friday here in a long time, and probably my last day with this well practiced ritual.. Miip.. But, I love it here so I have to try to forget about the fact that I'm leaving soon, and try to enjoy my favorite caf one last time. Later today I'm going out to watch the World Cup match (Spain-Netherlands) with some friends. And this weekend is packed with plans with my lovely "Parisian friends". I'm having two "going away gatherings", and I'm gonna hang a lot out with Suyin who came back from her holiday yesterday. Ah, this weekend is gonna be so good!

I'm going international by the way, haha. My face has been showing up on norwegian television frequently lately and now am I soon to be seen on French tv as well. Haha. I was just interviewed to a French report about caf EXKi. Funny. Sad I won't be able to see that myself.. Oh, I hate that I'm leaving Paris..

I got some kind if "last supper" feeling now, haha. Anyways, I'm gonna enjoy my lovely food and the great weather now. It's once again sunny and around 30 degrees in this lovely city. I'm maybe going to "Paris Plage" after my lunch as well. Or not "Paris Plage" that one isn't set up before mid July, but there's another one who is pretty much the same. Anyways, have a great day everyone!

What's your plans for today?

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Yesterday's lightening

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Bonjour, mes amis! Or, the day isn't that "bon" actually.. I'm lying sick in my bed.. But I'm watching The Voice while I'm listening to the pouring rain outside - It's actually kinda cozy if I try to forget the part that I'm sick.. Anyways, yesterday evening the storm came back up. And this time I had to go outside and try to capture some of the amazing lightenings. It didn't turn out as good as I hoped, considering the fact that it was a spontanious action, I was sick, cold and scared, and I thought I had ruined my camera with the rain at some point.. So it was a short and stressfull shoot, which shows in the pictures.. Anyways, I got some pictures just to show you have amazing the lightenings are here. It's incredible!

And here's a slow-mo video I made: Please click on settings and choose 1080pHD.

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photoshop and Windows MovieMaker

What do you think?

I was scared as hell yesterday, so I'm actually kinda proud of myself even going out there! haha

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Hi guys! Yesterday was a lovely day! I went to the jazz festival in Parc Floral in Vincennes, with Suyin's flatmate, Guillame, to listen to Didier Lockwood playing the violin (and Thierry Eliez [piano], Andr Ceccarelli [drums] and David Encho [trumpet]). It was a great concert, in a great parc. And the weather was amazing! It was 30 degrees in the shade.. Yes, that was too hot at some points.. But a cooling scooter trip back in to the city made up. Back in the city we went to Parc Champs du Mars to see the tennis final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Wow, that was an amazing match, and the mood in front of the Eiffel Tower was amazing! Everybody was rooting for Nadal, so you can just imagine the mood there when he won. Amazing!

Back in my flat I made a nice dinner and placed myself in my bed with season two of "Orange is the New Black" on the screen. I love that show! After finishing up my dinner and a couple of episodes of OitNB, I had a long phone call with a friend. And during the call did this incredible storm show up here in "the city of lights". And, yes, it really was THE city of lights yesterday evening. You guys have no idea how scared I was. There were pouring rain, thunder and amazing lightenings! I was scared and amazed at the same time. Really incredible! Lucky me that I had my friend on the line, or else I probably would have peed my pants.. Haha, I was so scared! And I didn't have any rubber boots or a car with rubber wheels to protect me.. Yes, I'm a sissy.. haha. I turned off every light and all power digits (except my phone.. HAD TO talk to someone!), and tried to "enjoy" the storm. It is the most incredible lightenings I've ever seen!

How was your Sunday?

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New design

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Hi sweeties! Yesterday I woke up so late, that I just stayed inside a couple of more hours. After taking a long shower, cleaning my apartment, and editing a couple of photographs, I started to play around with my blog design. And I felt that it was time for deleting that old, boring, grey design of mine, and make it a bit more brighter and summerly. And so I did. Here's my old design:

And here's my new design:

Nice, huh? I really like it! It's much more summerly, and it fits the season perfectly.

What do you think about my new design?

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Sushi Planet in Rue Montorgueil

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I don't remember if I told you, but a couple of weeks ago did Henriette decide to come visit me one more time. My sweet bestfriend. She arrived yesterday, and she had a pretty hectic start this time, poor thing. She took the wrong bus from the airport, so she ended up in the south of this big city. And she didn't get to charge her phone on the airport either, so she couldn't contact me. We met up at Chtelet metro station, the ones of you who knows Paris well knows how big this station is, and how impossible it is to find each other there. So after a couple of, I don't even know how long it took, but we eventually met up, Henriette with tears in her eyes. Haha, poor thing. I don't find Paris that difficult to navigate in any more, but I understand she did.. Anyways, we went straight to Dominos and ordered pizza when we finally got home. And then we had a very good night's sleep.

And today, after several hours of shopping in Chtelet, did we have a fantastic lunch at Sushi Planet. My favourite sushi place, and it's in the street right next to where i live. I tried something new today, a spicey salmon maki menu. And we had different salads as starters. #foodlove

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photoshop

Look at those cute cushions! I love them! This sushi place itself is a really cute place. All pink and sweet.

How is your Wednesday?

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Workout & home spa

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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Bonsoir, mes chries! I hope you all had a great start to the new week. I know I did. This morning I woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, and jumped into my workout clothes. I took a two hour long walk along the Seine. It was really nice! And when I got back to my apartment, I flattened out my blanket on the floor, played some relaxation kundalini yoga tracks, and had a mini yoga and strech session on the floor by myself. Wow, I really needed this! With my back hurting the last couple of weeks, and my stressed out brain, this felt really good. I don't even know why I've been stressed.. I haven't actually been physically stressed, it's more a mental thing. I guess it just had been a too big gap between the last yoga session and this one.. I really need to relax both my body and my brain. That's why I love yoga. Gonna start getting my old routines back. I need it. And with my new, healthier eating habits it's probably gonna be even better.

Right after my long and wanted workout session, i jumped straight into the shower, and had a long, hot shower. I did some hair treatments as well, and had a small home spa. What a wonderful Monday! I've been chilling in my new kimono/kaftan (h&m) all day, taking care of myself. I love days like these! Spoil myself♥ My plans for the rest of the evening is to chill a bit more, and later am I going out to capture some of Paris' nice spots and corners. It's been a while since I activly took my camera for a walk..

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

What a nice Monday! How's your day?

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Summer's here!

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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Are you ready?

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Q&A - Paris

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How are the boys/men in Paris? (handsome, accomodating, nice, etc)

South European boys in general are known for being more accommodating and direct, and that's actually not always a good thing.. There are a lot of crazy men here! But of course there are some normal, very nice ones as well. I've got to know a couple of both types..

Does Paris stand to all the expectations you had before you got there?

Indeed! It's maybe even better than what i expected. I really don't want to leave..

Where did you find your apartment?

www.9flats.com. I think it primarily is for vacations or shorter stays, but some apartments/studios are available for longer periods.

Did you get in touch with a boy who you wanted to get to know more?

I've got a boyfriend back home in Norway, so I haven't exactly been looking for something like that.

Are you aware of that you're on Norwegian TV? A commercial.

Yes, I'm totally aware of it, haha. A month ago I participated in this "video selfie" competition with my Norwegian phone service (Talkmore), and I actually won. So now they're using a small part of my "video selfie" in a commercial on TV back home in Norway. It's funny because people back home tell me that they've seen me on TV all the time, while I'm here in Paris and probably never will get the chance to see it myself. If I'm lucky maybe they still send it when I'm home in July/August. Anyways, it's funny that I actually won!

What do you think about the journey back home? Have you found out what to do next? Do you put Paris and France on a break for a periodd, or are you planning to go back and live there? I love your blog, I'm planning to go to France myself, as an au pair in Nice I think.

I'm going home in the middle of june. When I'm home am I first going to spend a month in Africa with my entire family, and afterwards is hopefully my student life on uni starting. I don't get to know what courses I've gotten in to before july. But, yes, Paris and France is on hold for a periode. Unfortunately. I'm going to miss it very much. I already feel it.. But, I bet I end up going back here some other time, to do something. I really love it here! Thanks, sweetie! Ah, that's great! Do it! It's a fantastic opportunity!

Do you work out when you're in Paris? Have you joined a gym, do you run in the park or do you walk a lot?

I've been walking a lot of long walks, and I do some easy core exercise home in my apartment. In adition to a couple of yoga- and self defence classes ocasionally. But, no, I haven't actually signed into a gym.. I miss it a bit.. But I don't have that much time left here, so it's no point of doing it anymore.

Are you into clean eating and execising?

Yes, I'm pretty into healthy food and execising, but I have to say that I have put it a bit on hold while I've been here. I still eat relatively healthy, but it's hard to stay away from the fantastic, sweet, French bakery.. But i work out, so I don't think there will a be a problem.

Could you make a post where you show us how you edit your pictures? Something that's not too complicated. For example how you edited the pictures in this post.

What a cool question! I'll see what I can do.

Is it easy to get to know people in Paris?

Uhm, it depends. Paris is known for being a city where it's hard to get to know people in a deeper level. But if you know the right places (and some of the right people), then it shouldn't be a problem. But you have to really be out there and try hard, or else you could find it diffucult.. I've actually been thinking about writing a post about this exact topic, keep visiting the blog for a deeper answer.

When you're talking to people do you speak French or English, or both?

It depends. When I'm with my closest friends is it mostly English, considering the fact that they're "trangers" as well. We're in such different levels, and everybody isn't that comfortable speaking French. But when I'm with others (for example people from my french "course"), and when I'm talking with randoms and French people, I speak French. That's why I'm here, to practice and improve my French. So I actually get to practice two languages I noramlly don't use, which is a very good thing.

Do you read any blogs from Paris/France?

I like these: www.misspandora.fr, www.paulinedarley.com and www.hjartesmil.com (the latter is a Norwegian girl who now lives in London, but she has many good posts from when she used to live in Paris). Hope you like some of these:)

Oh, I'm also going to Paris after high school, but I dont know what to do there yet. Where did you fin your apartment? Are you planning to move to Paris or another city in France later?

That's a great idea! Find something to do, and just go for it! It's absolutely worth it! If you're not sure what to do, you could go as an au-pair. That's a really nice and easy way to do it. Then you can combine visiting the city itself, with practicing the language and get to know different people. If you don't choose to be an au-pair, I at least reccomend you to find SOMETHING to do. You can, and will most likely, eventually find it kinda lonely when you're alone in such a big city, no matter how happy you are in your own company..

I found my apartment/studio on www.9flats.com. This is an international web page where people rent out their appartment/studio, or a part of the apartment (a room), for a very good price. Paris in general is a very expencive city, so you have to expect to pay at least 500 euros a month. Otherwise are there a lot of youth hostels, etc., depending on how long you plan to be here.

I don't know if I'm going to move to Paris permanently when I get older, but I do, as I mentioned earlier, have a big crush on this city. So I'm defenetely going to try to find my own apartment here eventually, so I can travel here as often as I can.

You're really lucky! I want to go live in Paris for a short periode as well, but I'm not sure what to do there. What do you think of the city so far? Is it to reccomend?

I absolutely reccomend you to do that! But, yes, I think it is very important to find something to do here. The first couple of weeks it's lovely to wander around and just inhale this beautiful city, but in the long run it's going to be "boring" and lonely.. Find a language course, a french cuisine class, be au-pair, etc. I love this city! But I remember that it started to feel kinda lonely and sad in the start when I didn't know anyone here.. It gets lonely in such a big city.. So, find activities that make you interact with other people. That's the key!

I found my apartment/studio on www.9flats.com. There are several web pages like that if you search on google.

What products did you use here?

Most of the products are from Gosh, except the eyeliner (Maybelline New York).

What's a typical day in Paris? (from waking up to going to bed)

I think this question is impossible to answer.. No days look the same. I wake up around 09, then I usually have some kind of appointment with someone (could be anything, caf meetings, meetups, shopping, walking, visiting museums, picinc in different parks, etc.), and the evenings are never the same. Sometimes there are vernissages (openings of some kind of exhibit), sometimes there are different events, meetups, party's, concerts, etc. It's really hard to explain a regular day. There are no regular days here, haha. Of course I have some days I just spend the entire day in bed watching series and movies as well.. I try not to do that too often, but I get tired here as well.. haha. There are many late nights who actually exhaustes you in the long run. Anyways, there are no days that look the same. That's the cool thing about being here.

How are the prices in paris? Is it less expencive than in Norway, or more or less the same?

Paris is known for being an expencive city, and it is. But for me, coming from Norway with a Norwegian salary, it's been kind of cheap. The prices here are more or less the same, but most things are probably a bit cheaper here. That's when you figure you come from an extremely expencive country.. When Paris is cheap.. But an important detail: The prices in Paris are very varying! There are differences from arrondissement to arrondissement, on everything from rental prices to the food in the grocery stores..

Do you reccomend to go up in the Montparnasse building?

Absolutely! The view from the Eiffel tower is amazing, but if you go to the Montparnasse building, you get a beautiful view including the Eiffel Tower. It's sad, but you can actually not se the Eiffel Tower from the Eiffel Tower.. So, yes, I absolutely reccomend that. It's beautiful.

What's the best about Paris?

Everything! Wow, that's a hard question. I don't know. The fact that it is so much bigger than where I'm from. It's always happening something (vernissages, exhibitions, party's, etc). It's less expencive. I'm adventurous and this city is a big adventure itself. It's a great city for photographers. I don't know. I love everything about this city.

How long are you going to live there?

This is my last month (miip:(), I'm going home in about two weeks (june 16th). I'm gonna miss this so incredibly insanly horribly much. Buu


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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Aloha, mis amigos! I bought this summer top two days ago, and I really love it! I've actually been dreaming a lot about Hawaii, summer and the sweet islandic life lately. It's probably because I've been a lot with this person who actually lives there. Jealous! And the fact that I'm listening a lot to Manu Chao and Martin Jondo, is probably not helping my brain focusing on something else, ha. When I listen to these artists I really get the feeling of lying in a hammock under a palm tree with a coconut drink in my hand. Feel good songs! I really want to go to one of Hawaii's beautiful islands. Badly..

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

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Friday again

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Bonjour, mes amis! I'm sitting at caf EXKi again, eating my favourite salad and drinking my favourite juice.

I think I'll make the Q&A tomorrow, and answer all your questions about my stay in Paris. So if anyone has anything more to ask, do it now! Hihi. I'll probably make another one later, but ask now if you want the answers already tomorrow. Ask HERE! Now I am going back to my freshly cleaned and washed apartment to take a nap. I'm pretty tired.. Someone woke me up way too early this morning..

Have a nice day, sweethearts!♥

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Green morning!

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Good morning, sweeties! This day has started perfectly, with a really good and healthy breakfast. One positive thing about not having any visitors here, is that I get my routines back. I have a bit more normal circadian rhythm, I eat healthier and I drink a lot more of my detox tea. Hihi. I love it. The most used topping on my Wasa Knekkebrd now days are: hoummous, red pesto, pastrami, salami, lettuce, cucumber, leek, red onion, avocado and cherry tomatoes. And I also eat a lot of carrots (wich also is very good dipped in hoummous), and drink a lot of juice and green detox tea.

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Do you have a healthy morning/eating routine?

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My new Birkenstock's

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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Yesterday I went to the Birkenstock Boutique in Le Marais, and bought myself a new pair of sandals. I love them! I've earlier had a pair of classic Birkenstock's, but this time I wanted something more sandal like. Anyways, these are great walking shoes. They're so comfortable, with their solid and well formed soles. I love them! If you haven't tried them yet, I absolutely reccomend you to do it. They're great!

Do you have a pair of Birkenstock's?

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Good morning, sunshine!

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Good morning! And yes I say morning, because I just got up and out of bed.. These last couple of weeks has been amazing, but I've been lacking a lot of sleep. Anyways, I've just made myself a delicious breakfast with Wasa Knekkebrd, different topping and vegetables, and juice. I ate the same yesterday evening, it's really good! Slice 1: Red pesto, pastrami, cucumber and leek. Slice 2: Mayo, cucumber and avocado. Slice 3: Hoummos, cheese, ham, cucumber, leek and avocado. Yummy! Reccomended! hihi♥

Now am I going to the Birkenstock Boutique in the 4th arr. to buy myself a new couple of sandals. Later today am I meeting up with Suyin to do something fun. Ah, I'm looking forwar to hang around with her again. It's been a while because of all my visitors.

What's your plans for today?

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Tuesday in Paris

25.05.2014 // kl.16:36 // 02.Blog - Paris // 6 comments

This Tuesday did Ingrid and I start the day with a church wandering, ha. We took the metro to Anvers and visited the beautiful Sacre Coeur. Then we went to Cit and visited Notre Dame. And the day before that did we actually visit Saint-Paul Saint-Louis Church. We love these beautiful old churches in Paris! After the "church wandering", did we go to Les Petits Soins where I took one of the best Brazilian's I've ever taken. The lady was so gentle, and the atmosphere was perfect. I've got myself a new favourite place! And after that did we go to dinner at Woody's place. A really nice day.

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

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Biking, Tour Eiffel and sun bathing

22.05.2014 // kl.16:22 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photomatix and Photoshop

On Monday did Ingrid and I rent vlibs, and we took a bike ride around in the city. We went from my apartment, to Le Louvre, and ended up around the Eiffel Tower, where we had to get up because of the suprisingly short queue.. I've avoided it with all my other visitors until now (because I've already been up there a couple of times), but because of the short line, I considered it a good butt workout, ha. And afterwards did we lie down in the park next to Place du Trocadro and sun bathed in the extremely hot weather. We got a real tanning line that day. Hello summer! hihi♥

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Shopping and sightseeing

20.05.2014 // kl.12:40 // 02.Blog - Paris // 16 comments

This Sunday we had an exhausting, but really good day, ha. I seriously love beeing a tour guide! We walked along the Seine from Hotel du Ville, and ended up in le Marais where we had lunch. After the lunch we decided to do some shopping, and considering the fact that it was Sunday, we had to take the metro back to Champs-Elyses (most of the shops in Paris are closed on Sundays..). After several hours in Paris' most packed street, we ended up buying lunch nr.2 at Mark&Spencer, and lied down in the middle of Champs-Elyses. Despite the fact that it was an exhausting day, it was a really really good day. I love being here with Ingrid♥

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photoshop

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17th of May 2014, Paris

19.05.2014 // kl.14:30 // 02.Blog - Paris // 4 comments

Hi sweeties♥ The celebration of the Norwegian national day here in Paris was really cool! We went to Sjmannskirken in Le Vsinet, who arranged the celebration with the Norwegian Ambassady and the Norwegian Club in Paris. First up there was a childrens parade, and after that: speechs and singing, and of course hot-dogs, waffles, ice-cream and "sekkelp", "potetlp" and all the other Norwegian games. I made this video to show you that the mood on the national day is at least as good here as back in Norway. hihi

Please click on settings and choose 1080pHD.

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

We had a great day!♥

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Joyeux anniversaire, Norvge!

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Happy birthday, common Norwegian friends! Hihi♥ Today is Norway's national day, and Ingrid and I are celebrating it like we did when we were kids, with the children's parade, ice cream, hot dogs and waffles, here in Paris. It's really fun!

Have a nice day, everyone! Much love.

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La croisire s'amuse - Batostar

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Hi guys! The last couple of days has been crazy. Have had such a good time. This Wednesday did Suyin and I go to Le Batostar close to Pont Marie to listen to our friends Chantal and Jennifer sing with their choir. It turned out to be a great evening with a lot of music, lovely people and great mood. I loved it! And I made a "little" movie to catch the good mood. Enjoy!

Please click on settings and choose 1080pHD.

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop and Photomatix

I met a nice group of people that evening as well, mixed French and American, including Woody Harrelson, haha, so I continued the evening in different places in central Paris along with them. A really cool night! So much randomness happens here in Paris! You have no idea! Can't even describe how the night went on.. haha

Yesterday did Woody and I take a bike ride along the Seine in the nice weather. The weather changes so fast here! It's crazy! It was pouring rain just two days ago, and now the sun is shining for full again. Anyways, later in the evening I met up with Suyin and we went to a vernissage (an opening of a photo exhibition) by Jose Ramn Bas, at Gallerie VU. It was really cool. You can read more about the exhibition HERE. And later again we went to KF Snax, to a language exchange event. It was really cool! Got to meet new interesting people and practice French. It's been so much fun. And it will become even more amusing! Earlier today did I meet up with the photographer who's gonna arrange my first modelling job here. And now, pretty soon, is my Norwegian friend, Ingrid, arriving. And tomorrow is Norway's nathional day, so we're going to Le Vsinet to celebrate it amongst with other Norwegian people in Paris. Paris is fantastic!♥

How has your week been, sweeties?

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Macarons de Neuville (foto)

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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

A cuople of days ago when I was walking in Rue des Rosiers, I walked pass De Neuville, which is a store with French chocolat and and other delicacies, and I had to take a look. There are so much that looks insanly good there! I could have bought the entire store if I had the money! But I ended up buying a bar of macarons with a good choise of tastes. There were for example one with coffee/cappucino taste which was fantastic. A new favourite! And just look how sweet the package is! Looks like a gift♥ Once again: I love the sweet French bakery!

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Bonjour, mes chries!

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Right now I'm at caf EXKi again. I am with Zying editing a video for her business project. Another lovely green meal here!

Wednesday is already here, and the weekend is aproaching. Time passes so fast! It's crazy! My friend, Ingrid, is coming to visit me this Friday, and we're going to celebrate "17.mai" (Norway's nathional day) and have a great, fun week. And next week is my boyfriend coming to visit me and celebrate my birthday (which was two weeks ago). I'm so excited! I haven't seen him in over two months! So I've got two exciting weeks in front of me.

Yesterday was a good day as well. I was helping Zying with her business project. We walked around in Rue de Seine, wich is the best artistic street in Paris, and we visited a lot of great galleries. And in the evening we went to a fashion store opening and a exhibition, and had a dinner at a lovely jazz place. I can show you some pictures from the night later, it was a photographer there, but he hasn't sent me the pictures yet.. But I must confess that the best thing about yesterday, was when I met this fashion- and art photographer who said he wanted to shoot me. So I've got a modelling job this Friday. I'm really looking forward to it. hihi

What's up where you are right now? ♥

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Kusmi Tea - Detox

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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Bonjour, mes amis! A couple of days ago I was out to refill my tea storage. I went to the Kusmi Tea store in Rue des Rosiers. This is such a cute store, and the workers there are so nice! I got to taste some of the different kinds of tea (there are many!!), because I wanted to try something new this time. When I saw the detox tea, I had use the oportunity to ask them about it. I've always wanted to try it, but haven't really knew what's so good about it or how it works. So I finally got a good explination. In the modern world, we're exposed to many pollutants like caffeine, smoke and food toxins. And these pollutants accumulate in the body and cause our overall health to decline. Drinking detox tea helps us to remove these toxins from the body. So, it's a cleansing tea. The rumors about losing weight when drinking detox tea aren't proved. The only thing they can say for sure, is that you're losing a lot of body water while drinking it, so if you actually loose weight, it's because of the water. Wich is not the right/good way of loosing weight. So you have to keep drinking it throughout the day, and still drink water througout the day. So, it's initially not a drink for losing weight. But anyways, it's cleaning our system , and seems to be helpfull for the liver, lungs and kidneys, and it promotes "clear, healthy skin, increase the flow of energy (chi) to the body and mind, and promote calmer, more positive and peaceful emotions."

The two different tastes I chose, were: "DETOX Mat, th vert et citronelle" (mat, green tea and lemongrass) and "BB DETOX Th vert, mat et pamplemousse" (green tea, mat and a hint of grapefruit). Underneath have I copied and pasted quick overviews of the two teas from the original Kusmi Tea web page:

"DETOX Mat, th vert et citronelle"

Blend of mat, green tea and lemongrass perfect for the body and mind. The combination of the properties of mate and green tea creates a drink that is perfect for detoxifying and reinvigorating the body right throughout the day.

We suggest to enjoy this tea during the whole day.
Main flavour : Lemongrass

"BB DETOX Th vert, mat et pamplemousse"

Since detox courses, green tea and beauty go together hand in glove, Kusmi Tea has drawn inspiration from its now famous Detox tea by inventing a beauty tea in the shape of BB Detox, the very first BB tea! Following the example of BB creams, this Beauty Beverage caters to all your skin?s daily needs.

Detoxifying: Because this is where it all begins ?the combination of mate and green tea, recognized for its effectiveness in eliminating excess fluid from the body, also improves your skin?s appearance by boosting toxin removal. Say hello to a radiantly healthy complexion!

Protecting: Along with green tea - already well-known for its powerful antioxidant properties - battle is joined by a potent hand-picked team of two plants: dandelion and rooibos, a South African plant with a sweet, fruity flavour.

Moisturizing from the inside out: Taking in liquid to keep your skin hydrated remains a fundamental daily beauty routine. The water that tea contains allows you to keep your skin moisturized from the inside out. BB Detox Kusmi is the perfect solution for those who might find it difficult to take in a litre and a half of water a day.

This delicious blend of mat, green tea and rooibos, flavoured with a subtle hint of grapefruit, may be enjoyed hot or iced at any time of day.

We suggest to enjoy this tea during the whole day.
Main flavour : Pamplemousse

Have you ever tried the detox teas from Kusmi Tea? Or detox tea at all?

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Question time!

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Lately I've got a lot of questions about my stay in Paris, so i thought I could make a Q&A post. You can leave your questions as a comment to this post, and I will answer it in another post later. Mainly the questions should be about Paris and my stay here, but ask whatever you want and I'll decide if I'll answer it in this Q&A or not. Ask in Norwegian, English or French, and I'll probably answer in English.

I don't know when to make the Q&A post yet, it depends on you guys, how fast, how many and how deep questions you're asking. But hopefully I will find time to do it this weekend or the next weekend. It depends. I'll let you know♥

Do you have any questions?

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SOLYL-S, Funky and groovy music live at Disquaires

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Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Please click on settings and choose 1080pHD.

This Friday Suyin, Dan and I went to Disquaires to listen to some live music. I didn't know what to expect at all, so I was very open minded about the bar and the music. It was Dan planning it all this time. Anyways, it was a really cool night! We went to Disquaires, a bar in Bastille, and the band SOLYL-S played for several hours. Funky, groovy 80's music. Really cool! They actually play every Friday at the same bar, so I think I'm going back there some time very soon. I really enjoyed it!

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Lunch at caf Exki

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Hi, sweethearts! Right now I'm having a breakfast/lunch at EXKi, which is a caf right around the corner from where I live. I had to get out of my apartment, because it's cleaning day and the man who cleans my apartment prefer to be alone when he's doing it. And that's actually good, 'cause I get to go here. This is a caf with only natural products, and it's known for being quick, healthy and cozy. Read more about the EXKi here - I absolutely reccomend you to go there if you're going to Paris in the future. Just grab a quick breakfast or lunch there, it's worth it.

Later today am I going to meet up with Suyin. We're gonna take a walk, before we're going to meet up with another friend and go listen to live music somewhere in Bastille. I'm looking forward to it! And later tonight is Ziying coming to me, she's sleeping over because her landlord needed her apartment this week or somethting. So, it's a packed day, wich makes this cozy caf time even more realaxing and comfortable.

La joie de vivre!♥

What are your plans for today?

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Hi, sweeties! Yesterday was a beautiful day. After I finished my lovely macaron breakfast, I met up with Syuin. We took a walk along the Seine, and ended up in one of the coziest area's I've been in a long time. There were theese tiny streets, and tall, tight and skinny buildings, and a lot of cozy restaurants and stores. I'm definitely going back here for some tea, coffee, scones, macarons, pain au chocolat, croissant, or anything. I just want to sit down in one of the cozy cafs and enjoy the picturesque area.

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photoshop

After this long walk who eventually ended up back in my apartment, we had to take the metro to Correntin-Celton, to the dinner we were invited to. I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures from the rest of the evening, btw.. But the evening was really good. Pierre had prepared a nice dinner with chips/prezels as apritif, escargots as a starter and lasagne as main dish. And of course there were a couple of glasses with Bourdaux wine before, during and after the meal, and a ending glass of French Whiskey before we left. It was a really cool night!

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Good morning, sunshine!

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Good morning, everyone! And, yes, it really is a good morning! The sun is shining and it's already hot outside. Today I actually had to get up a bit early, because I had a plumber-kind of-guy to fix something in my kitchen this morning. I actually don't quite know what he did, it was my landlord arranging it, I just had to open the door for him and keep him company. hihi. Anyways, because I already were up, I took an early trip to my beloved local bakery and bought some french delicacies. Mm, I love the french, sweet bakery!

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

Today I'm most defenetely going to chill, tan, read a french book and study grammaire in Parc du Luxembourg, but later this evening my Australian friend and I are invited to a french dinner. We met someone at an afterwork drinks-event a couple of weeks ago, who we came along well with. So now they wanna introduce us to the French kitchen. I'm really looking forward to it! They're originally from Normandie, so I expect it to be a lot of strong drinks in between the many small, French, dishes. Haha, I can't wait!

So, what are you sweeties up to today?

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Last week - Movie by Caroline

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Please click on settings and choose 1080pHD.

Caroline made this super cute video from our week in Paris. Ah, miss it allready!♥

What do you think of it?

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My birthday week

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This week has been amazing! Caroline arrived in Paris Monday evening, and it has just been a great week since. On Monday night we ate out, and later we met a couple of guys who we took some drinks with and hang out with until past midnight. It was a really nice start of a nice week. On Tuesday we had to go see the Eiffel tower (again) and do some touristic things. It's nice showing my friends around in my new city. We also went to to l'Arc de Triomphe, and Champs-lyses where we did some shopping. Wednesday was my birthday, and the weather changed from rainy and unstable, to sunny and warm: Thank you God for this nice birthday gift. Hehee. So we walked around in the nice weather, had a nice birthday lunch, did some shopping, and last but not least: I took my eagerly awaited tattoo. So cool to finally have done it! I love it! The day ended with some partying at Wanderlust. It was a lovely birthday. On Thursday we met up with our Norwegian friend, Idunn, and her boyfriend who arrived on Wednesday to stay over the weekend. We walked around in Montmartre, saw Sacr-Coeur, and had a nice dinner at the end of the day. The rest of the night we stayed inside because of the weather and because we actually were really really tired.. And Caroline had to pack, because she had to leave 6am this morning.. Anyways, despite the bad weather, this week has been great!

So, now I'm by myself again. Ready to continue my beautiful adventure here in my beautiful new home city.

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This happy (almost) 20 year old girl

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As I promised, here are the birthday gifts from my lovely brother. It's crazy! He's the best! Just imagine the smile on my face when I got this.. One word, it was a big one! haha. A new pair of Converse and this beautiful Marc By Marc Jacobs watch.

I've been drooling over this watch for months now, it's so beautiful! I love it! And i love you, big bro♥ thanks!

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What a wonderful weekend!

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I've had the best weekend in a very long time! My older brother surprised me with a last minute trip to Paris this Thursday, and we have had a great long-weekend! We've done a lot of shopping, walking around, eating everywhere, and in general just had a lot of fun. I love being with my brother! And especially when we're far away, have so much time, no work and nothing to worry/think about.

And last but not least, one of the weekend's many higlights, the Justin Timberlake concert at Stade de France on Saturday! It was AMAZING! It's seriously one of the best concerts I've ever been on! The mood, the music, ah, everything was perfect. We even made Justin cry a little, because of the magic atmosphere. He must have really felt something special there. He's an amazing artist! What a talent and multi talent he is! It was an awesome night! These pictures can't describe anything from the night, but just look at them to get a little clue.

I also got some BEAUTIFUL birthday presents from Eskinder, he's so sweet! The best! love u. I'll show you in a later post. Promise♥

How's your weekend been?

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I've moved!!

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I no longer live in the chic, calm and expencive 17th anymore.. It's kinda sad, actually. I had just gotten used to the area (and my beautiful rooftop view...).. But it's nice to switch place as well, I get to see more of Paris on a deeper level this way.. I now live in one of the hippest streets in central Paris: Rue Montmartre. It's close to Chatelet and Les Halles, so it's really central. And definetely more lively. A better place for young people. It's a street filled with cafs, bars, fruit markets, supermarkets, clothing shops and all kinds of other shops, and is also from now on my new home street. I love it here! And it's also more suitable for a young person like me, considering my low budget: I pay half the price here as I did back in the 17th! For the same size. The apartment (or studio) is a typical Parisian studio with little space and weird solutions. But it's cosy! I kinda like it this way: With my 14m2 and the kitchenette well placed in the middle of the stairs. It's Parisian! Hihi. I'll probably show you some pictures from the area and the apartment later, now I have to catch the metro to get to an Ethiopian restaurant (Le Lac Tana) in the 15th arrondissement, to meet up with my Parisian Habesha friends. The Injera is really calling my name now! Ethiopian food is going to taste heavenly right now!

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New in, Paris

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As I've told you, I had my best friend visiting me last week. And with a best friend visiting, girly things tend to happen.. We did a lot of shopping! I mostly stuck to the window shopping, due to my low budget, but I did also buy a few very nice things. I've made a little video to show you the news. Hope you like it, enjoy!

Filmed with my Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Windows Movie Maker

Please click on settings and choose 1080pHD.

Song: "Pompeii" - Bastille

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Henri Cartier-Bresson at Pompidou

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Last Monday I finally got to see the HCB exhibition, and it was so absolutely worth the wait! It's amazing what he has been through, and how good his photos and videos are considering the time and the equipiment he had to work with. I don't think it is possible for me to describe the exhibit, you have to go see it yourself. And I recommend you to take with you some suvernirs from the exhibition library shop at the and. There are some amazing books, cd's and dvd's about his life, his photos/videos and this particulary exhibition.

We were at the exhibition for so long time, so by the end we found out that we were really tired and really hungry. So before we went home, we ate dinner at a nice restaurant in the Chatelet/Les Halles area. It's so nice to be able to sit outside so late at night without freezing! And they had some heating lamps as well, so it was actually quite hot. A really nice, summerly feeling.

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

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Parc de Bercy

20.04.2014 // kl.13:10 // 02.Blog - Paris // 1 comment

I know I write a lot about the parks here in Paris, but, seriously, that's one of the nicest things of being here! There are so many beautiful parks and jardins (gardens) here. I fall in love with a new one every day. The girls and I were having a picninc in Parc de Bercy after the street food festival at Wanderlust. We had the picninc in the lively part of the park, where there were people playing volleyball and fotball and kids playing around the carousel. But we took a walk in the garden part of the park, Jardin Yitzhak-Rabin. It was beautiful there. And even though gare de Lyon isn't excactly known for being a nice area, the area around this park was really nice! We'll probably come back here.

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

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Bestie in Paris

18.04.2014 // kl.14:11 // 02.Blog - Paris // 4 comments

Hi guys! I'm sorry for my absence, but I've had a busy but fantastic week in Paris with Henriette. She came over this Tuesday and is going to stay here until Saturday morning. And sweet as she is, she brought some Norwegian goodies: Some Norwegian milk chocolat, my beloveed Norwegian brown cheese and a "ostehvel" (some sort of cheese grater), an easter egg from my mom, and last but not least, a birthday gift. I'm turning 20 in only two weeks! Wii, can't wait! Just think celebrating your 20th birthday in Paris.

Having Henriette here have made me a little bit more like a tourist, haha, which actually is kinda good. We have been sightseeing, taking pictures, eaten on all kinds of different restaurants and just had a great time. It's been great to have my best friend here in an otherwise not so good week! She's a life saver! Love you, hon!

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SuperBarquette at Wanderlust

15.04.2014 // kl.13:03 // 02.Blog - Paris // 4 comments

This weekend there was a street food festival at Wanderlust (near gare d'Austerlitz and gare de Lyon) in Paris. It was a really cool festival! A lot of people, music, good mood and great food. We got there a bit late, so there weren't much food left.. But there were cakes!! Yummy!

Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited in Photoshop

There are so much happening in Paris all the time. I love it! You'll never get bored here!

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Le Cimetire du Pre-Lachaise

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Suyin, Tomoyo and I was having a little sightseeing last monday (have to be a little tourist while I'm here as well), we met up at Pre-Lachaise and (obiously) the first thing we did was to walk through the cemetery of Pre-Lachaise. This is a huge, beautiful cemetery located in the 20th arrondissement. It's hard to navigate inside of this huge graveyard, but if you really want to you can follow a map and find out who's placed where (a lot of famous french people are burried here). After being at le Cimetire du Pre-Lachaise we walked all the way to Place de la Republique, from there to Bastille, and ended up sitting down eating ice cream at Place du Vosges. It was a really nice day! And such great weather! And we had to spend as much time as we could with Tomoyo last week because she's leaving today..

Nikon d90 + AFS NIKKOR 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6 - edited in Photoshop og Photomatix

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Gibert Jeune

12.04.2014 // kl.13:51 // 02.Blog - Paris // No comments

The picture is borrowed from Strange-library

This might look like a cute, little book shop from the outside, but, wow, it so much more to it than that. Once you've walked in, it's like you've entered a totally different world. A world of books. It's a huge, 5 or 6 floor book shop with all kinds of genres. Absolutely a must see for book- and litterature lovers! And they also have an entire floor with books about architecture, photography, design, fashion, etc., so it's really a shop for everyone. And it's a great place for people like me, who wants to improve their French! They have books for slow French readers, as well as very complicated books. I bought two easy read books yesterday, and hope to move on to more complicated books as my French (hopefully) improves. I bought "Le Petit Prince" and "La grammaire est une chanson douce", and I'm already well underway with the first one.

The store is placed in 5 Place Saint-Michel, in the Latin Quarter:

Metro 4: Saint-Michel, RER B and C: Saint-Michel, BUS 21-24-27-38-85-96: Saint-Michel

Have you ever been here?

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Photographers meetup

11.04.2014 // kl.15:18 // 02.Blog - Paris // No comments

So, on monday I was at a meetup with a photography group. It was really cool. We just sat down at restaurant La Pantfoulia in the heart of the Marais, and talked with each other about photos, videos, subjects, studio photographing, lightening, equipment, everything. And I got to talk with some really interesting people, who I'm sure I'm gonna stay in touch with. A really inspiring evening! I'm looking forward to the next meetup. Here's a little video from the evening, nothing good, but just a small insight. You can see the difference the lightening makes in the three different clips:

Filmed by Rafael with my Nikon d90 + AF NIKKOR 50mm, f/1,4D - Edited by me in Windows Movie Maker

Please click on settings and choose 1080pHD.

Song: "Photograph" - Nickelback (Alex Good + Against The Current COVER)

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Krav Maga

09.04.2014 // kl.19:39 // 02.Blog - Paris // No comments

I totally forgot to tell you about the Krav Maga initiation class I went to on Saturday! It was really cool! As I told you earlier, I haven't tried any other self defence classes, but I absolutely think Krav Maga is something for me. What is Krav Maga, you ask? Well, It's actually the hand to hand combat system of the Israeli Military. Its simple, straight forward method and realistic approach make Krav Maga a great choice for anyone wanting practical self protection skills. "Krav Maga is an extraordinary self protection system from Israel. Krav Maga was designed to enable ordinary men and women to protect themselves in the shortest time possible. It is not a martial art; it is a fighting system focused on protecting yourself or the people you love. Seventy years of traning, field use and evolution have resulted in a methodology that's simple, intuitive and highly effective." (source). If you're interested in self defence, but don't quite know what kind to choose, I'll suggest this! It's easy to learn, it's actually a good workout, and it's fun. My coach was really talented, enthusiastic and had a very good mood who easily got over to us. I'll definitely take some more classes. I really liked it! And in a city like this it could (hope not) come in handy.

Have you ever taken any self defence classes? Tried Krav Maga?

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Le Centre Pompidou

07.04.2014 // kl.18:02 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

Hey, sweethearts♥ Have you ever been to Le Centre Pompidou? I was there yesterday, and it was such an expirience. This is a huge museum in the middle of central Paris. The first Sunday every month are several museums in Paris open for everyone. And when something is free, it gets crowdy.. If you don't like crowdy, go to Pompidou! This is a huge museum and I didn't wait in line at any time. While I heard from a couple of other friends who were visiting other museums, that there were about an hour wait just to get in to the museum.. Anyways, there are so much beautiful art at Pompidou! I had such a good time. I only got to see the permanent exhibitions, not the external ones. So I'll go back soon to see Henri Cartier-Bresson's temporary photo exhibition at Pompidou. I've heard a lot about it, and can't wait to go back to see it!

Have you ever been to Le Centre Pompidou?

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Multicultural evening at the Peacock Palace

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Good afternoon, you all! Yesterday evening I was at "the Peacock Palace" at Aux Ecuries du Roy, at a multicultural exhibition kind of thing. Aux Ecuries du Roy is a very cool restaurant/bar with a medieval theme; Walls made of stone and beams of wood. Really cool! Anyways, the evening program was filled up with comedy sketches, experimental music, music clips & video art, and african music and dance. I have to say that I prefered the latter two. If you're interested in video (short films) and/or photo you should really check out Flix Brassier! He had some awesome short films where he had been playing with reflections, propotions, cutting, editing and music. It was really cool! I especially liked the one where he had been playing with reflections ("Mirror"). You should check it out!

And last but not least we had the African music and dance part. There's alway a good mood when Africans bring out their drums and good energy. There were a couple of guys with a lot of different drums and some other instruments, who played really moody African music. And eventually they brought out their dancing ladies as well. They weren't African, actually, but I guess they were from an African dance class here in Paris or something. It was really nice anyways. And eventually everone started dancing. It was fun. I found myself standing in the middle of the "dance battle" ring at one point.. Wow. ha

Just a little video to give you a hint about the good mood.

It was a really nice evening! Got to talk to some nice people as well. Love Paris! I got everything here.

Did you do something fun last night?

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Chineese picnic at Rueil-Malmaison

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Yesterday night Ziying invited me to a Chineese dinner at her appartement. But because she had some problems with her landlord, we had to take the food to go. We packed up the food, plates and cutlery, brought some blankets and a bottle of wine, and had a really nice Chinese picnic along La Seine in Rueil-Malmaison. It was really lovely. She is such a good cook! I actually met Ziying at the photo exhibition two weeks ago, and we've stayed in touch since. She's a lovely girl. And she actually brought her classmate, Solena, to the dinner yesterday. It was really nice. And it's incredible that I can have a picnic so late at night without freezing. I can't actually say that I miss Norway right now..

Right now I'm on my way out, actually, because I've signed up for a self defence class today: Krav Maga. I've never tried it before, but I've always wanted to try something within the self defence sector, so I'm really looking forward to this. And I've heard that Krav Maga is really good! Fortunately it is an initiation class, so I probably won't be the only one looking like a monkey there.

Have you ever done any self defence classes?

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Alternative concert at FIPradio

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Bonjour mes amis! Yesterday night I was at a consert at la Maison de la Radio, and it was great! There were two different performances, first up there was Elysian Fields with a more jazzy, rocked, alternative kind of style. It's hard to describe the genre, but it was lovely. The band had a wide range of instruments and talents, and I have to mention the saxophone player: He was fantastic! A great experience!

But I really have to say that the second part was even more enjoyable. Beautiful Susheela Raman, her guitarist and her lovely Indian friends had come all this way to perform some beautiful Indian-English songs. I'm a very cultural person, and I really like it when artists manage to mix two different cultures in such a beautiful way. And the two Indian guys, wow! The drummer was just so cute, and extremely talented of course. And the other guy who played the Indian instruments and had this incredible voice reach, was fantastic as well. They really took my breath away.

Absolutely a great evening with good friends and good music!

Ever heard about any of these artists?

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Nel Beloufa // Art exhibit

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E: Hi beatiful visiters♥ Yesterday I was at an exhibition at Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard. It was the artist Nel Beloufa who had an exhibit with movies, photos and weird sculptures of recycled/reused stuff, wich was about exploiting space, challenging proportions and making weird structures that you couldn't quite understand the context to. It was for example some booby traps that were impossible to understand..

N: Hei, hei, kjre lesere♥ I gr var jeg p pningen til en kunstutstilling p Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard. Det var kunstneren Nel Beloufa som hadde en morsom utstilling med filmer, bilder og rare skulpturer av gjenbrukte ting, som handlet om utnytte plass, utfordre proposjoner og lage rare konstruksjoner som man ikke helt skjnte sammenhengen til. Det var bl.a. en del booby traps som var umulige forst seg p..

E: It was a very special exhibit, but quite funny though. And with an open bar and a lot of interesting people it couldn't be anything else but fun. Read more about the exhibit HERE and visit Ne Beloufas website HERE. Btw, the guy on the last picture was a part of the exhibition, actually. I didnt' quite get it, but it kinda was more understandable when I figured that he was.

N: Det var en veldig spesiell utstilling, men dog ganske morsom. Og med pen bar og masse spennende mennesker blir det alltid moro. Du kan lese mer om utstillingen HER og beske hjemmesiden til Nel Beloufa HER. Mannen p det siste bildet var forresten en del av utstillingen. En del jeg ikke skjnte noen ting av, men det ble forsvidt litt mer forstelig at han var det.. Hehe

Jeg var der forresten med to jenter jeg ble kjent med p fotoutstilling p fredag. Det var veldig koselig!

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Cyprien Leym // Photo Exhibit

29.03.2014 // kl.20:42 // 02.Blog - Paris // 6 comments

E: Hi sweeties! Yesterday I was at an event with the photographer Cyprien Leym. He's one of the biggest and most talented professional fashion- and architecture photopgraphers of his age. He's most known in the Parisian fashion industry for his "semi nude controversial" photographs, wich waswhat we got to see yesterday. And it was really nice! His pictures are really exciting and mysterious, and he uses an incredible lighting! His biggest inspiration was his friend Raymond Voinquel, who passed away in 1994. He taught him the art of black and white, the sense of balance and esthetics. He helped Cyprien to develop a passion for portraits and humans in and out of the fashion world.

I got to talk quite a bit to him yesterday, and he was some inspiration! He was so down-to-earth and patient, and talked to me like he had known me for years. We also got to talk a little bit about my photo project here in Paris, and he talked happily about how he used to work in this city.

After the exhibit and the presentations of the artists and the models, of course there was an after party. It was really nice. I've already got a few new contacts in my phone book. I really love this adventure I've thrown myself into! It's really fantastic! Educative and exciting at the same time.

N: Hei ste sm! I gr var jeg p et event med fotografen Cyprien Leym. Han er en av de strste og mest talentfulle profesjonelle fashion- og arkitekturfotografene p hans alder. Han er mest kjent i den parisiske fashionindustrien for hans "semi nude controversial" fotografier. Det var ogs dette vi fikk se i gr. Og det var s fint! Bildene hans er s spennende og mystiske, og har helt fantastisk lyssetting! Den strste inspirasjonen hans var hans venn Raymond Voinquel som dde i 1994. Det var han som lrte ham kunsten om svart/hvitt-bilder, flelsen av balanse og estetikk. Det var ogs han hjalp Cyprien utvikle en lidenskap for portretter og mennesker inn og ut av moteverdenen.

Jeg fikk pratet en del med han i gr, og han var litt av en inspirasjon! Han var s jordnr og tlmodig, og snakket som om vi hadde kjent hverandre i mange r. Vi fikk ogs snakket litt om mitt fotoprosjekt her i Paris, og han ble s glad og fortalte litt om hvordan han pleide jobbe her i byen.

Etter visningen av bildene og presentasjonen av Leym og modellene, var det selvflgelig "after party". Det var veldig hyggelig. Har allerede et par nye kontakter i telefonlista mi. Jeg virkelig elsker det eventyret jeg har begitt meg ut p! Det er helt fantastisk! Lrerikt og avslappende p en gang.

C'est magnifique!♥

Visit his official webpage HERE, and his blog HERE. Absolutely worth a visit or two!

Ever heard about Cyprien Leym before?

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Jeg tenkte jeg kanskje kunne skrive litt om hvorfor jeg faktisk er her i Paris. Det er nok ikke alle som har ftt med seg det..

Planleggingen startet vel som en vag drm p ungdomsskolen. Da visste jeg ikke hva jeg hadde lyst til studere og drive med videre, s jeg hadde det i bakhodet at hvis jeg fortsatt ikke visste det etter videregende, s skulle jeg ta et frir og tilbringe hele eller deler av det i Paris. Jeg har alltid hatt en kjrlighet til Frankrike, Paris og sprket. Jeg aner ikke hvorfor. Men jeg er veldig glad for det! I lpet av ungdsomsskolen og videregende bare ble drmmen en slags plan. Jeg ante ikke hvordan, nr eller hva jeg skulle, men jeg visste jeg skulle hit.

I lpet av videregende dannet det seg ogs andre tanker vedrrende denne planen, som bare var med p styrke den. Tenk ha hatt fem r med sprk p ungdsomsskolen og videregende, og fortsatt ikke kunne bruke det ordentlig. Det er fem verdifulle r kastet rett i vasken, det. Og siden jeg fortsatt ikke visste hva jeg ville gjre videre, ble det fastsatt! Jeg skulle til Paris!

Men hva jeg skulle gjre der, og hvordan jeg skulle ha rd til det, det ante jeg ikke.. Jeg visste at jeg ikke ville vre au pair og jeg visste jo ikke hva jeg ville studere, s studier ble det ikke. Det mtte med andre ord bli et helt orginalt og selvdrevent prosjekt. Og det ble det! Her kommer vi til saken, ja:

Jeg er her alts for forbedre sprket, som jeg skrev tidligere, og for leve det franske og parisiske liv som jeg liker s godt. Men i tillegg til dette, s har jeg laget meg et selvstendig fotoprosjekt. Et prosjekt som jeg hper p f laget en utstilling av nr jeg er hjemme igjen. Det kombinere tre ting jeg virkelig elsker, sprk, fransk kultur og foto, er jo bare drmmen!

Det frste jeg tenkte p da jeg satt sammen ordet fotoprosjekt og ordet Paris, var fine HDR-bilder av Eiffeltrnet, Louvre og alle de typiske parisiske monumentene og tingene man tenker p nr man hrer ordet "Paris". Men i lengden blir jo dette veldig kjedelig.. "Vi har sett det fr".. S for gi prosjektet mitt litt dybde og for vekke interresse, valgte jeg g litt mer inn i dybden av Paris. Jeg vil fange litt mer enn bare det vi har sett s utrolig mange ganger fr. Jeg vil i tillegg til leke med det typiske, dra til utkanten av byen og kanskje finne det litt mer mrke. Alts sette opp hvitt mot sort. Alt fra vakre bilder av den fantastiske og kulturelle delen av Paris, til mrkere, eller mer annerledes deler av byen.

Dette blir mitt frste selvstendige prosjekt, s det blir veldig spennende. Men jeg fler ogs litt press, dessverre.. Jeg er i Paris, liksom. Jeg kan jo ikke komme hjem herfra med et mislykket prosjekt.. Alt ligger og veier p meg, og bare meg. Det er litt skummelt.. Men, herregud, selvflgelig er det mest spennende og gy! Jeg gleder meg til komme i gang!

S, n har jeg jobbet et halvt r for tjene nok penger til leilighet og et lite budsjett under oppholdet, og n ER JEG HER! Det er helt uvirkelig!

Paris, je t'aime♥

Jeg vet trutmunnen er fl.. Men jeg har en tendens til gjre det nr jeg ikke har lyst til smile med tennene.. Skal prve slutte!

Har du vrt i Paris fr?

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Playoff Bar

24.03.2014 // kl.15:05 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

E: Good morning, world! The last two days have been very nice. It has been weekend, and it really shows on the Parisians when it is. They are so happy and the street life is more loud and lively in a different, less stressed way than in the everyday life. And especially the night life! Of course there's good vibes here at night the entire week, but in the weekends it's really special! I was walking around in the Etoile Charles de Gaulle and Champs-Elyses area on saturday, just to get a little feeling of how it's like to wander the streets on this time of the day and this time of the week. And it was.. Yeah, I don't know what to say.. Something else. Ha. For me, alone and "new", it kinda was a little too much. But I won't say that I'm not looking forward to I've gotten some friends and can figure out how this part of Paris is as well. At least try it. Until that time I'll have to be content with the calmer areas, and take a beer or a glass of wine on a quiter pub. Like yesterday. I watched La Liga and Real against Barca at my favorite restaurant/pub just around the corner from where I live. It's such good atmosphere there on football nights! And so nice people. And of course it didnt hurt that Barca won the match. This was a great end to a great week. Now it's monday again, and here we go again with wandering the streets and explore, and to a larger extent use the camera. I've been here a week already. Thats incredible. Time flies when you're having a good time!

N: God morgen, verden! De to siste dagene har vrt veldig deilige. Det har vrt helg, og man merker s godt p pariserne nr det er det. De er s utrolig blide og livet i gatene er liksom mer hylytt og livlig p en annen, mindre stressende mte enn i hverdagene. Og ikke minst bylivet/nattelivet! Det er klart det er liv her om natten hele uka, men i helgene er det virkelig noe for seg selv! P lrdag gikk jeg rundt i omrdet Etoile Charles de Gaulle og Champs-lyse bare for kjenne litt p hvordan det er vandre gatelangs p den tiden av dgnet og uka. Og det var.. Jeg vet ikke helt hva jeg skal si.. Something else. Hehe. For meg, alene og "ny", ble det litt mye. Men jeg kan ikke si jeg ikke gleder meg til jeg har bygget opp litt bekjentskaper, og kan vre med p det her. Hvertfall ha prvd det. Fram til den tid fr jeg klare meg i litt roligere omrder, og heller ta en pils eller et glass vin p en roligere pub. F.eks. som i gr kveld. Da var det La Liga og Real mot Barca, s da mtte jeg jo mte opp p yndlingsbaren/restauranten min, Playoff Bar, som ligger rett rundt hjrnet fra der jeg bor. Det er s bra stemning der p fotballkvelder! Og hyggelige mennesker. Og s gjorde det selvflgelig ingenting at Barcelona vant, da. Det var en utrolig deilig avslutning p en bra helg og en bra uke! N er det mandag igjen, og jeg er p'n igjen med vandre gatelangs og utforske, og i strre grad ta kameraet i bruk. Tenk, jeg har vrt her i en uke allerde. Tiden flyr nr man har det bra!

Ah, c'est la vie!♥

They've got the worlds best burgers here, btw. And, again, I really hate posting Iphone pictures (especiaally when there this bad..).. I'm sorry!

How has your weekend been?

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I love these rooftop breakfasts

23.03.2014 // kl.16:06 // 02.Blog - Paris // 4 comments

E: One of the best things about this appartement is the fact that i can sneak out on the roof with my breakfasts in the mornings. I love these rooftop breakfast! The view from an eight floor roof in the middle of Paris is incredible! You have no idea how long I can end up sitting there and just stearing. Stear at everything and nothing. Stear at the big city who just waits for me to explore it. Ah! This is maybe one thing you guys didn't know about me, I love views. Who doesn't, right? But, I mean, I really LOVE views. I can, as mentioned before, end up sitting there for hours just staring. When I grow up and get rich I'll get a house with this incredible view and a sitting area in the window. hihi

N: Noe av det aller beste med denne leiligheten her, er at jeg kan snike meg ut p taket med frokosten min om morningene. Jeg elsker spise frokost p taket! Og fra taket til en tte etasjer hy bygning midt i paris, kan man se mye! Dere aner ikke hvor lenge jeg kan bli sittende p dette taket og stirre. Stirre ut p alt og ingenting. P den store byen som bare venter p bli utforsket. Av meg. Ah! Det er kanskje en ting dere ikke visste om meg? Jeg elsker utsikter! Alts, hvem gjr ikke det? Men, jeg mener, jeg virkelig ELSKER utsikter! Jeg kan, som sagt, bli sittende i flere timer bare stirre. Nr jeg blir stor og rik, skal jeg f meg et hus med en snn sittekrok i et vindu med en fantastisk utsikt! Hihi.

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Another shopping trip

22.03.2014 // kl.15:48 // 02.Blog - Paris // 6 comments

E: Two days ago I had to look for a store who contained something more than food. And in the middle of Paris that's kinda difficult, especially when you're looking for something in particularly. I lacked a chopping board, a sharp knife and a red wine glass. I wandered around in the neighborhood (Ternes, Wagram) in probably an hour before I found what I was looking for.. And the way home wasn't any easier.. I did of course manage to forget where I came from.. I hade been walking around for an hour and my sence of direction disappeared fast.. So, in addition to the hour I used on my way there, I probably used another hour on mye way back home..

N: I forigrs mtte jeg ut finne en butikk med litt mer enn bare mat. Og midt i Paris er det ganske vanskelig, spesielt nr du leter etter en eller flere spesifikke ting. Jeg manglet en skjrefjl, grnnsaks/brdkniv og et rvinsglass. Jeg gikk rundt i nromrdet (Ternes, Wagram) i sikkert en time fr jeg fant det jeg lette etter.. Og tror dere ikke jeg fint klarte glemme hvor jeg kom fra? Jeg hadde jo gtt rundt i ring i en time, og retningssansen forsvant fort. S i tillegg til den timen jeg brukte p finne butikken, brukte jeg nok en time p finne veien hjem igjen ogs..

E: Paris is a bigger city than you think.. But in return I've got to know the neighborhood, and I've found a new favorite store. Monoprix! They've got everything! An entire floor with food, and another floor with clothes, makeup, kitchenware, etc. Fantastic!

I just hope I can find it the next time I try to find it.. ha. But actually it wasn't that far away. It was just me walking in infinite rings..

N: Paris er strre enn man tror, alts.. Men til gjengjeld har jeg blitt mye mer kjent i nromrdet, og jeg har ogs funnet en ny yndlingsbutikk. Monoprix! De har alt! En hel etasje med mat, og en hel etasje med klr, sminke, kjkkenutstyr osv. Helt fantastisk!

Fr bare hpe jeg finner den igjen n, da... Haha. Den var ikke s langt unna, faktisk. Det var bare jeg som gikk i uendlige ringer..

Have you ever lost your sence of direction in a big city like this?

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Djeuner au Jardins du Trocadro

21.03.2014 // kl.17:37 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

E: I had an amazing lunch at Jardin du Trocadro earlier today. The sun was out, it was really hot and I had fresh sushi in my lap. It felt incredibly good after been walking around in the city for a couple of hours with my camera. Things starts falling in place here now. I can for example finally start to transfer pictures from my camrea to my computer (so I dont really have a good reason to post any more iPhone photos.. Like these..). The electronics works! A total different thing is the quality of the pictures you'll se here on the blog.. I'm sorry in advance that there will be bad pictures (badly edited pictures), but I don't have a proper photo screen with me, so I have to use this lousy laptop.. I'll try as best as I can, but I can't promise anything..

N: Ah, jeg hadde en fantastisk lunsj i Jardins du Trocadro istad! Sola skinte, det var relativt varmt og jeg hadde nylagd sushi i fanget. Mm, det var utrolig deilig etter ha surra rundt i byen med kameraet mitt i noen timer. N begynner ting falle litt p plass her, forresten. Bl.a. kan jeg endelig begynne overfre kamerabilder til pc'n (s jeg har ikke lenger noen unnskyldning for bruke iPhone-bilder, som her...). Elektronikken er p plass! En helt annen ting er kvaliteten p bildene dere fr se her p bloggen! Jeg m beklage hvis det forekommer bilder av drlig kvalitet (drlig redigering), men jeg har ikke noen ordentlig fotoskjerm med meg.. Jeg m klare meg med denne brbare pc'n, og da blir det nok dessverre et par bilder som ikke tar seg ut i det hele tatt.. Jeg skal prve s godt jeg kan p f det til senoebra ut, men jeg kan ikke love noe..

E: Right now I am back at my appartement again. I have som headache- and stomach problems today.. But I'm thinking about taking a walk later, and if i get better I'll even try to get out-out. I have to find out how the night life is here in the wekends! ha

Btw, I was watching a football match at Playoff Bar in Avenue de Wagram a couple og nights ago. It was really cool! I'm going back to watch La Liga and Barca against Real this sunday. I'm really looking forward to it!

N: Akkurat n befinner jeg meg i leiligheten min igjen. Jeg sliter litt med hodepine og magesmerter idag.. Men jeg tenker prve ta meg en tur ut litt senere, og hvis jeg blir ordentlig bra igjen skal jeg komme meg ordentlig ut i kveld. M jo finne ut hvordan nattelivet er her i helgene! Hehe.

Jeg var forresten p bar for noen kvelder siden, og s p fotballkamp. Playoff Bar i Avenue de Wagram. Det var utrolig kult! Jeg skal tilbake til samme baren p sndag og se La Liga, Barca - Real. Det blir fett!

Any plans for tonight?

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88 Avenue des Champs-Elyses

21.03.2014 // kl.12:30 // 02.Blog - Paris // 4 comments

E: I was at h&m yesterday, to buy some necessities, but of course I couldn't steer away from some "unnecessities" too. ha. I'm a big fan of h&m, and the selction here in paris is even better. They've got ten times as much as in Norway. The price differences aren't that big, but I thing it's a bit cheaper here, actually.

N: I gr var jeg innom h&m for kjpe et par ndvendigheter, men jeg klarte selvflgelig ikke styre unna litt "undvendigheter" ogs.. Hehe. Jeg er jo blodfan av h&m, og her i Paris er utvalget enda bedre! De har ti ganger s mye som i Norge. Og prisforskjellene er ikke veldig store, men det er bittelitt billigere her, tror jeg.

I love the white skull sweater! Incredibly cool!

What do you think?

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Today's eye makeup

20.03.2014 // kl.13:00 // 02.Blog - Paris // 10 comments

Idag lekte jeg litt med den nye sminken jeg fikk p Gosh-workshopen i forrige uke (kan skrive om eventet og sminken derfra senere). Det ble en slags soting med en myk, men stor eyeliner-linje. Jeg ble ganske fornyd selv, faktisk! Synes generelt ikke at jeg er noe flink med sminke utover den vanlige hverdagsminken, s dette var moro.

Ogs elsker jeg jo den nye sminken min! Jeg skal skrive mer om de nye produktene senere, men de er fra Gosh, og p ynene idag har jeg brukt yenskyggen og maskaraen. Ellers har jeg ogs p meg CC-kremen (foundationen) og BB-pudderet.

Hva synes du?

#makeup #sminke #gosh #veronikaroth

Et jordbr her, og et jordbr der

19.03.2014 // kl.11:30 // 02.Blog - Paris // 8 comments

God morgen, verden!

Nok en morgen vkner jeg her i den nye sengen mi, og spretter opp bare for se ut av vinduet bak meg. Jeg har s fantastisk utsikt! Sacr-Coeur er det frste som mter ynene mine om morgenen. Og bittelitt senere, s sniker jeg meg ut p taket, bare for ta en liten smugtitt p Eiffeltrnet p den andre siden. Tror dette har blitt et slags "rituale" for virkelig vkne og for forst at jeg ikke fortsatt drmmer. Hihi. Blir nok litt mye drmme-snakking de frste dagene.. Men under her har dere frokosten jeg s fint stelte i stand i gr. Frokost p taket midt i Paris! Mm♥ Jordbr dyppet i smeltet Nutella, croissant, baguette med camembert, appeslingjuice og Champagnen som den ste utleieren min hadde lagt igjen til meg. Sacr-Coeur blir litt bortgjemt i den store blenderen, men hvis du ser ordentlig godt etter s ser du nok konturene til den flotte kirken et stykke baki der.


Det blir litt iPhone-bilder i starten, dessverre.. M f fikset noen kabler osv..

#paris #frokost #sacrecoeur #eiffeltrnet #champagne #jordbr #nutella #veronikaroth

Bonjour Norvge!

18.03.2014 // kl.11:54 // 02.Blog - Paris // 2 comments

God morgen, Norge! N befinner jeg meg i Europas vakreste, kanskje til og med verdens vakreste by. Med Sacr-Coeur p den ene siden og Eiffeltrnet p den andre siden. Jeg har helt fantastisk utsikt over byen, da jeg bor i ttende etasje! Gud, s fint det er her!

Flyturen i gr gikk kjempefint, forresten. Det var s klar himmel! Vi s alt under oss. Og da vi fly inn over Paris var det blitt mrkt, s lysene fra byleilighetene, gatelyktene og Eiffeltrnet lagde konturer av den vakre byen vi snart skulle lande i. Og bussturen fra flyplassen og inn til byen var kjemperar! Har jo vrt i Paris fr, men aldri alene, og aldri for faktisk bo her over en lang periode. Det kribla godt i magen. Hihi.

Siden det ble s sent i gr ble det en lite fransk start matmessig.. Det ble en take away p Mc Donalds.. Hehe. Skal bli bedre framover. Fra og med n. N skal jeg bare kle p og fikse meg, s skal jeg ut spise en litt sen frokost p et bakeri eller en caf. Og s skal jeg ut handle og gjre et par render s jeg fr settled down ordentlig her i bula mi.

Hvordan er din morgen? Har du vrt i Paris fr?

Blogges senere!♥

#paris #frokost #kosermeg #veronikaroth

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